The things that don’t add up about OBL’s death

Since I heard the news about Osama bin Laden’s alleged killing in Pakistan, a few things have not seemed right about the official story. They have offered absolutely no proof that the job has been done, and yet the media (and politicians around the world) have rushed to believe the American government’s story, despite the fact that his death really would not change much given his limited role in the movement in the last few years. If he really had been living in Abbotabad, it’s inconceivable that his arrival there would have gone unnoticed, particularly given that it seems neither men nor women went in or came out. (Note: a fake picture of the dead Osama bin Laden’s face is over the fold.)

Faked picture of Osama bin Laden dead, the closest we'll ever get to the real thingTwo things in particular make this story look extremely suspect. The first is the apparent prompt disposal of the body. It is understandable that they do not release them for public viewing, but surely there are trusted intermediaries (not just politicians) who could confirm that they had seen the pictures and that they were of Osama bin Laden’s body. It sounds like a child who tells his teacher that he has done his homework, honest, but that the dog ate it. There is no hard evidence that the person killed was Osama bin Laden, unless we accept the Americans’ version of events at face value.

Then there is the excuse given for disposing of the body: that it would have become the focus of a shrine, a place of pilgrimage. Any expert on Islam could have told them that his main followers are Wahhabis and they do not believe in shrines. They do not build them and have destroyed them on a number of occasions; they bury their dead in unmarked graves, including major figures like the last king of Saudi Arabia and their chief scholars such as Abdul-Aziz bin Baz. (They are strongly opposed to Bin Laden’s methodology, but have the same theology.)

Finally, it seems most bizarre that the whole thing was done with a live video feed to the White House. Surely, any such feed would have been a security risk, regardless of whatever security measures were taken (and encryption would have drastically reduced the quality of any live feed). I cannot believe they jeopardised the security of a military operation simply for the president’s personal entertainment. If they did, of course, then they would surely have a recording of what they transmitted. They don’t have to show Bin Laden actually taking a bullet, of course, but there is surely much else they could release, at least once the operation has been cleared up.

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  • ali

    Good article. Well noted point about the burial at sea, however this event was stage managed for a western audience. Only Muslims would know that people who share the Wahabi doctrine would never make pilgrimage to any grave. In fact its THE biggest no no for them after shirk.

    I’d like to add that in Pakistan, there are people who make it their business to know what goes on in their neighbourhood, I have been such people in action in different areas of Pakistan. Coupled with the fact that Abbotabad is a garrison town and therefore crawling with security, I find it highly unlikely that UBL could move into that house without arousing suspicion of the locals. Looking at the testimony of the locals, nobody suspected a thing.

    US conspiracy sites point to him being dead long before this, indicating that this was a timed announcment to bully the Pakistanis and pressure them into allowing the US to expand its operations in Pakistan. Have to take conspiracy sites with a pinch of salt but I’d trust them more than Obama and co, who allegedly watched it live but cannot give a coherent narrative of what happened. He was armed, then he wasn’t. He used his wife as a shield, then he didn’t.

    Personally, I think It stinks but Allah knows best.

  • Good points, although logically, I can’t see a reason why the US would lie about his death.. they have very little to gain and A LOT to lose should someone find out about it.

  • M Risbrook

    If you asked me about Bin Laden a couple of weeks ago I would have replied that I was 99% convinced that he had died years ago. There are scraps of information floating around on the internet saying that he had kidney problems back in 2001 that needed dialysis and he had subsequently died from medical complications. Has anybody managed to confirm he was still alive earlier in 2011? If he was then he almost certainly would have been an ill man in need of medical attention so some medics would have known him personally. Have any dialysis machines been found in the compound?

    The entire assassination event looks highly suspicious. I find it surprising that Bin Laden was hiding in that compound. Surely with all the military personnel in close vicinity somebody would have noticed him a long time ago and blew the whistle. The way it was handled I find bizarre to say the least, especially the bit about the burial at sea, and the lack of transparency and concrete evidence makes it all look like a fabrication from Hollywood.

    I’m also angry about how the mainstream media has run away with sensationalist stories which are little more than hack journalism without the slightest shred of evidence to back up their words with. Even more annoying is how Wikipedia is presenting the assassination of Bin Laden as fact with nothing more than unverified stories from the mainstream media as citations.

    I can’t see a reason why the US would lie about his death.. they have very little to gain and A LOT to lose should someone find out about it.

    The US has lied about 911 and got away with it. The mainstream media determines the official story on everything. If concrete evidence exists that Bin Laden died in 2001 from a medical complication then it will not become the official story until it’s given mainstream media coverage and the nod from the political elite.

  • You might find this story of interest over at Moon of Alabama: Open Questions On The Alleged Bin Laden Kill.

  • em

    who cares if he dies now or before, he’s dead thats all that matters. Evil always meets an evil end.

    As for them watching a feed live , etc., maybe they did maybe they didn’t, there are a lot of people who don’t know to keep their mouth shut and give out anonymous who knows what lies people are saying to make themselves feel important. All that matters is he’s gone, sick, disables or active he’s gone . As for the pakistan military , who knows maybe they realized he was useless and dying and just sheltered him, whatever their reasons they will not tell the truth either and i’m glad they disposed of the body. why prolong the circus.

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  • Tim

    Having spent a decade interogating bit players in “the global jihad” at Guantanamo Bay, I would have thought a living OBL was just what they needed from an Intelligence point of view. All those computer hard drives they have can’t be half as valuable as a living OBL would have been to them. A dead OBL isn’t going to tell them anything.

  • ali khan

    the whole episode is a production of the brothers grimm and the sheeple are lapping it up. Bin laden my arse.

    I agree with the notion of who cares whether he’s dead or alive because the perpetrator of 9/11 he is not. Dear brothers and sisters and shlomos, for those of us slightly behind the curve, 9/11 is a mossad job. Period.

    Its been nearly 10 years since the attacks and there is an overwhelming body of evidence that says the israelis did it. Enough of this bin laden crap.

  • What is upsetting is the attitude of so many Muslims as soon as the news broke… comments such as “let the conspiracy theories begin” are upsetting, especially when Allah commands us to verify the news brought by a fasiq. The reason? To avoid harming others… and too many have believed everything they read/hear from the media. I fear that we could be wrong, have harmed and slandered a man who has probably been dead for years now… and who said la ilaha illa Allah.