Let’s get the EDL banned

Graphic of a person putting a swastika in a dustbinProscribe English Defence League (EDL) - e-petitions

This is a petition to proscribe the English Defence League. This will not force the EDL out of existence, of course, but it will mean no more of their demonstrations and the public violence that always accompany them. It will mean displaying signs of belonging to the EDL, such as shouting slogans associated with it and wearing their T-shirts, will become a crime. It will likely mean that successor groups are banned as well if they are deemed to be the EDL rebranded, as has been the case with al-Muhajiroun. As with al-Muhajiroun, their reach will be greatly reduced and will have to go underground if they are to operate at all; any violent operations will be put down to “gangs of thugs” with “EDL links”, and it will not be mistaken for a lawful popular movement.

If you are in the UK I urge you to sign this petition. If enough people sign it, it may be debated in Parliament.

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