Issy Stapleton: suspicious timing

Picture of a young girl in a red sweater holding a black cat Recently a mother who was known to the online autism community and kept a blog about parenting her autistic daughter was found in a fume-filled van with her. Both the mother, Kelli Stapleton, and her daughter Issy are alive, although Issy may have sustained permanent brain damage. The mother is facing an attempted murder charge and possible life imprisonment.

In every such case, there is an outpouring of support for the parent who killed or injured their child and the assumption that they must have done it because of the stress of parenting an autistic child and the lack of support. It is the only circumstance in which the killing of a child by an adult elicits any sympathy for the perpetrator. One very suspicious aspect of this incident that should be emphasised in all this is the timing: the day her mother tried to kill her, she recorded that Issy had returned home from a residential treatment programme of some kind, where she’d been for about six months.

Also the same day, Kelli (the mother) posted the “power player” article, about how her school’s special needs teacher refused to cooperate with her support plan:

All this must have happened in a very short space of time, so anyone who wants to portray Kelli Stapleton as a “stressed autism mom” needs to explain how she got stressed enough to try to kill her daughter in a matter of a day or so.

I should add that I’ve been in a special school where there were boys who were prone to violence at very trivial provocations, such as a refused demand or not liking someone’s tone of voice. There were a couple of incidents of people threatening others with knives while I was there, but no killings in the whole history of the place, and some of us were in considerably more vulnerable positions than these parents. And if I had done any such thing, I would have been sent to a secure home or young offenders’ institution. We should not be so quick to jump to a sympathetic position when the killer or attacker is a parent.

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  • LMF

    I would like to see all of you who “talk” raising a child like that,with no help,no money,people putting you down constantly about how you raise your child,what they do, what you do,who you are….blah blah blah……..for years on end. It didn’t take one day or a few for her to come up with the idea of killing herself and taking her daughter with her,she probably felt that was the only choice for quite some years. I would like to see all of you in that situation. Then we will see you talk all tough and godly about other peoples feelings,thoughts,lives. Don’t talk, about what you have no idea about. How would you like the whole world constantly badgering you,year after year,and feeling like a complete failer as a parent. Don’t forget,that when you have a child like that,your whole life and everything you do has to be timed,and well thought out,or all hell breaks loose. Now do all that,with all the other things in life that we all have to contend with,and people making bad assumptions about your child raising skills, and intelligence. OR, your love for your child. AFTER YOU’VE LIVED THAT LIFE,YEARS ON END,WITH NO END IN SIGHT,NO HELP,AND ONLY RIDICULE….. THEN,we will hear you talk. I am not saying what she did was right………. But all humans are not perfect,and we do crazy things when we believe truly it’s the only way to solve a problem. You all follow the governments words and rules like godly word, but the government takes innocent people and tortures them for their tests.Even innocent little children,the government steals your money,and makes you work like a dog,for nothing. If you want to persecute someone,persecute the government. from LMF.

  • brenda

    this is an excellent article and yes I also question the timing. I’m concerned this woman was probably planning to murder her daughter for many months, if not years, and was using her blog posts and videos to try to present her story line in such a way so that when she followed through with her plan then people would be falling for the stressed out routine. I don’t buy it. I think the mother was harming the daughter, created the mess, and thought she could get away with killing her.

  • brenda

    and to LMF, your post makes no sense to me considering she had help, donations, caregivers, school options, and her daughter stayed for many months in a residential care facility.