Picture of a white package sealed with packing tape with a label addressed to AmazonWell, I’m sending my iPad back to the vendor today. Amazon’s policy is that an item is returnable for about a month, and I’ve had mine a week and a half (although I made this decision last Saturday, but have only just got round to printing out the return labels and packing it up).

There are two reasons why I’m doing this. The most important is that I can’t tolerate the keypad. It takes ages to type things that would take much less time on an Android tablet, simply because the better predictive text on Android saves you multiple keypresses on a screen that you can’t touch-type on because it’s too small. And there’s just no alternative. Seriously, anyone migrating from Android is going to run up against this problem, and my advice is not to bother.

The second is that it won’t connect to certain wi-fi networks, and the reason I suspect is a bug which is preventing it sending passwords correctly on some forms (it did the same when logging into my own blog). You wouldn’t think this was huge, but I’ve already got a tablet and that works fine — £300 is too much to pay for a device that doesn’t work properly, and doesn’t allow you to find ways round its limitations.

As for what I’m going to replace it with, I’ve been looking at the LG G-Pad, which costs about £50 less and has a similar size screen (although it’s longer and the resolution is slightly less), but I might wait until April when it’s rumoured that Google will be bringing out a Nexus 8. I’d ideally like to try it in a shop before buying it, but none of the major high-street computer shops stock it. What I’d really like is an Android tablet with the same dimensions and screen resolution, but there doesn’t seem to be one and the shops seem to be selling Android tablets on the basis that they’re cheap, not that they’re good.

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