Hunt opposes segregation (when it's Muslims doing it)

Front page of the Birmingham Mail, showing the headline "Jihadist plot to take over city schools"BBC News - Hunt to warn against schools extremism in Birmingham

At a time when a “secret” report about a Muslim plot to take over schools in Birmingham and run them according to Islamic principles is looking increasingly like a hoax, Tristram Hunt, Labour shadow education secretary, shows up in Birmingham to “warn against religious extremism in schools” at the NASUWT (National Union of Schoolmasters / Union of Women Teachers) conference:

Mr Hunt, addressing the teachers’ union conference in Birmingham, will say that he does not want a French-style separation of religion from schools.

But he will respond to what he describes as “allegations of infiltration, intimidation and the pursuit of a divisive religious extremism through systems of school governorship”.

Mr Hunt is expected to say: “We need to be clear about the duties which a state-funded school is expected to fulfil.

“We cannot have narrow, religious motives - which seek to divide and isolate - dictating state schooling.

“We cannot have head teachers forced out; teachers undermined; curricula re-written; and cultural or gender-based segregation.”

Has he not forgotten that a large proportion of British state schools are single-sex, and the majority of élite private schools, including his own school, University College School in Hampstead? Has he not forgotten that a large proportion of white, middle-class families prefer single-sex schools for their daughters, as they find that girls get less teacher-time as teachers tailor their lessons to keep the attention of boys, or rather certain groups of them, and that girls are subject to sexual harassment on school grounds? Has he not forgotten that a large proportion are run by either the Church of England or the Catholic church, and these schools have the right to discriminate in favour of children of church-going parents and to teach their religious doctrines as fact?

Does Hunt plan to force segregated schools in white-majority, affluent areas to integrate, or is this only a bad thing when it’s Muslims doing it? Shame on him and his party for using unproven and probably false conspiracy accusations as fodder for a political speech, and shame on NASUWT for allowing this. Perhaps they should change the “Women” part in their name to “White” to show they are open to race-baiting and communal trouble-making.

Image: Islamophobia Watch.

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