Lipman, the socialist, deserts the poor for Israel

Last week Maureen Lipman, the British comic actress best known for roles in advertisements in the 1980s (as in “if you’ve got an ‘ology, you’re a scientist”), announced in an article for Standpoint magazine that she was not going to be voting Labour at the next election, primarily because its leader, Ed Miliband, had supported the vote in the Commons to recognise the state of Palestine:

“The world is exploding around us. Isis is beheading our civilians while raping and pillaging across Syria and Iraq. Presidents Putin and Assad are playing such heavy-handed games that we don’t know which rebel group to support.

“Hong Kong may be about to see a replay of Tiananmen. Islamist terrorism in every spot on the globe and if one Jew had been responsible for any of those bombings, there would, I am afraid to say, have been another Kristallnacht.

“At this point in our history you choose to back these footling backbenchers in this ludicrous piece of propaganda?”

She went on: “May I remind you that no one is tunnelling into Dover or sending rockets into Coventry, yet we seem to have every right to bomb the living daylights out of Iraq.

“Again. Conclusion: one law for the Israelis, another law for the rest of the world. Plus ca change.”

She also criticised him for eating a bacon sandwich, inviting him for a Sabbath dinner at her house, and told the magazine that, despite being a socialist, that she would vote for “any other party” until Labour was again led by “mensches” (decent people).

Picture of Ed Miliband, turned on his heels putting a few coins in a cup held by a woman sitting on the ground.I have no particular time for Ed Miliband; his behaviour is in the tradition of New Labour cowardice going back to the time of Kinnock, and the sight of him walking past a homeless woman when out and about, and only then turning back and giving her a few coins (whether or not she’s a member of a Romanian gang that supposedly makes £50 a day), hardly gives the impression of him being a mensch. I think the “recognition” is a token gesture which will have really no impact because Israel will not tolerate a second state in the territory it occupies; it will be satisfied with nothing other than total submission by the native population to permanent Israeli domination. There is going to be no “two-state solution”.

I read a lot of feminist Twitter accounts and websites and the crass generalisations and brazen ideological lies they sometimes come out with are astounding, and I’ll probably write something about that in the near future (particularly with regard to the Pistorius affair), but they are nowhere near as offensive as the hyperbole that Zionists come out with, mainly because they are not supporting an oppressive régime anywhere. It’s hard to imagine any of them saying that it’s terrible that people blame rape victims, but this victim (that they don’t like because of her race) really was asking for it or this rapist is vital to national security. Zionists eagerly condemn oppression when it’s happening in Europe or in China (or in the Middle East when it’s in a country they want to see invaded), but turn a blind eye when it’s their friends in Israel doing it, or else explicitly justify it, or claim fakery or that it was the Palestinians’ fault somehow, even when it is clearly recorded on film. As there is no Zionism without the oppression or expulsion of the native population, they support whatever that takes.

Lipman clams she believes in socialism and has stood on the hustings with Neil Kinnock and “still thumb[s] through Tony Benn’s diaries with a fond smile”, yet she still admires Frank Field, who is not a socialist but largely sings to the Tories’ tune, despite occupying a safe Labour seat by the Mersey. Who, then, will she vote for if not Labour? The Green Party supported the vote to recognise Palestine; the Lib Dems will sell her vote to the highest bidder, and the Tories are not socialists, so unless she plans to vote for a whichever Marxist groupuscule is fielding a candidate in her area, it appears that she would prefer to throw her neighbours under the bus and consign them to another five years of government of the people by and for the rich (of course, she will not personally feel the pinch) than deny her friends in the Middle East the “right” to crush the native resistance. It goes to show where her loyalties really lie.

Lipman complains that Miliband ordered this vote at a time when the world is in chaos and Jews are suffering everywhere:

Just when the anti-Semitism in France, Denmark, Norway, Hungary is mounting savagely, just when our cemeteries and synagogues and shops are once again under threat. Just when the virulence against a country defending itself, against 4,000 rockets and 32 tunnels inside its borders, as it has every right to do under the Geneva Convention, had been swept aside by the real pestilence of IS, in steps Mr Miliband to demand that the government recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel.

What “mounting savagely” means is a few attacks on synagogues and cemeteries by a small group of neo-Nazi thugs. The worst atrocity to take place in Norway since World War II was by a Muslim-hating white supremacist against young members of the country’s socialist party. Laws have been passed in much of Europe that are aimed at suppressing expressions of Islam, particularly by women. The fact is that Europe is becoming less and less tolerant of all minorities and Muslims and Gyspies are suffering far worse than Jews in many places. She compares the tunnels dug underneath the border with Egypt (which is not Israel’s border and never has been) and the rockets fired by the Palestinian resistance to attacks on a minority by racist thugs, as if the Palestinians were just racist thugs who wanted the Jews out because they are Jewish. This is not the case at all.

Cue wild applause from the unions, smiles of approbation from the far Left — and shock horror from the Jewish Board of Deputies. Why would he do this? And why now? Many people on the Left and the Right would like to see a two-state solution if it means peace and mutual respect. I am one of them. Any future Palestinian state will be entirely free of Jews, of course. Yet the Jewish state is labelled “apartheid” with 1.7 million Arabs in residence and represented in parliament.

A “two-state solution” is the pipedream of a declining number of white liberals who believe that Israel acts in good faith, that they have a God-given right to the territory and to dominance over the native, mostly Arab, population. The liberal Zionist overlooks Israeli brutality and Israeli racism, both towards the indigenous people and towards African immigrants and refugees. The fact is that Israel will permit no more than a Bantustan in the territory it occupies, without control of its borders, without meaningful armed forces, without the ability to obtain money from abroad without it coming through Israel, and without a direct link to any other Arab country; it also will monopolise natural resources, such as the water supply, for the benefit of Israeli citizens and their settlers. As Lipman mentions, the Arabs have rejected a number of “peace” deals, but these were unfavourable deals which permitted the settler state in the first place, and later gave the Palestinians only pockets of territory which were surrounded by occupied territory. The so-called Barak peace plan, commonly waved in the Arabs’ face since, was so unfavourable that it can be assumed that it was made to be rejected.

If you recognise a state you can officially arm that state. Already billions of pounds have been allotted to rebuild Gaza. Ha! Rebuild the tunnels and reequip the arsenal. Oh, how the propaganda has worked on these clever, concerned people again and again and again. If Hamas and Fatah cared one iota for the Palestinians, might they not have built schools and hospitals and streets for their people the first time the billions poured in and were converted into weaponry and hotel suites in Paris and citizens were used as human shields?

Someone must have built the hospitals, schools, care homes and general housing that were destroyed by Israel in the recent air attacks. If Israel (and their friends in Egypt) allowed materials to be openly carried across the border, the Palestinians and their supporters would not need to use tunnels. As for the observation that “if one Jew had been responsible for any of those bombings, there would, I am afraid to say, have been another Kristallnacht”, this is complete and utter gibberish. The Jews have no reason to bomb western targets because the western countries affected support Israel, but if they did, they would most likely carry fake Algerian passports, don fake beards and white thawbs and do it in a way that could be blamed on Muslims, and regardless of the evidence, Muslims would be blamed first and suffer the inevitable wave of media hostility and racist violence, and if there were Jewish grievances behind them, they would be taken a lot more seriously than Muslim ones. The King David Hotel bombing is all forgiven, of course.

Jews in pretty much all of Europe, and certainly Britain, are treated considerably better than minorities are in Israel, and better than other minorities in Europe. People who have investigated this, who have spent time in both Israel and Palestine and did not turn a blind eye, have seen the vicious racism and petty humiliations of Palestinians in the occupied territories who are trying to live normal lives and move around their own country. (A female friend of mine got her period in Bethlehem when the Israelis had turned off the water supply for several days. This happens to Palestinian women all the time, to say nothing of other reasons why you’d need to wash.) It’s entirely consistent that white liberals who wouldn’t even think of calling their neighbours by the P- or N-words also wouldn’t support a state which is founded on racism, where racism is inculcated into children in schools and into youths in the army, where violent racism is on the rise and where an occupied population is subject to routine humiliation. It’s remarkable, and upsets some people, only because it’s unusual.

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