Why ban National Action?

A bronze statue of Nelson Mandela, which has had a banana placed in its left hand. Two young white men, one with his face covered in a grey and black scarf, are standing at its feet.Today the Home Secretary announced that she intends to proscribe the Far Right group National Action, which she describes as “a racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic organisation”. An organisation can be proscribed if the home secretary believes that it is “concerned in terrorism”, but the BBC’s report does not quote her as giving any evidence that it is doing this; rather she claims that it “stirs up hatred, glorifies violence and promotes a vile ideology”. The group’s website quotes the Labour mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, as saying that National Action “makes the BNP look like Amnesty International” and Searchlight magazine as saying it does not appeal to “thickos looking for a fight” but to people willing to die for National Socialism. The trigger for the decision seems to be a tweet issued by a branch of NA praising the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox in June, but there is no suggestion that the group itself was responsible for the killing although its website uses the slogan her murderer Thomas Mair used in court — “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”.

National Action is not that big. The rhetoric on its website reminds me of Crosstar, an American “nationalist” group whose website I examined as part of a college project in the 90s, although the graphics are a lot more sophisticated. Its homepage proclaims, “we are a group who are tired of seeing injustice; our people exploited and abused, our women raped and murdered, society crumble, our nation dying”; Crosstar had a similar appeal to white school students who were tired of minorities “rapping all around you, raping your girl friend”. Rape and rape culture are real, but the majority of rapists are not immigrants or members of any minority and most people know that. Meanwhile, this is how a NA goon shows how much he respects women (and the English language):

Whilst waiting I noticed a small group of UAF [Unite Against Fascism] slags. They took special interest in me, they were pointing, nodding their heads, and getting out their phones to google me. Even with in disguise I am a stunner and also among the recognisable as an infamous members of the group. Confirming this they started snarling at me like bitches in heat, so I obliged them by lowering my mask and blowing them a kiss. This display of patriarchal aryan supremacy sent the thots into a fit of rage and they had to be restrained by police. Cognitive dissonance amongst ‘females’ of the alleged opposition is to be expected when they encounter an alpha, after being made to feel strong and in control by the effeminate beta-cucks of the ‘left wing’.

Nazism is an old ideology which has gone out of fashion throughout Europe. Even the likes of the BNP and the National Democrats in Germany deny being Nazis; the modern far right plays down anti-Semitism and even attracts Jewish supporters, emphasising Islam as the major threat to modern liberal values and to freedom itself. In this, they are joined by the mainstream Right and in many places, whole tracts of the Left. (It is significant that Rudd did not mention Islamophobia as a reason for banning NA, despite their self-professed association with the “Scottish Defence League” and the “North East Infidels”.) So it is easy to pretend to be “doing something” about far right hatred by banning a small, fringe neo-Nazi organisation. Meanwhile, the English Defence League and various other Defence Leagues and “Infidels” groups have remained unbanned despite having a membership of known football hooligans and a history of violence, albeit thuggery rather than terrorism as such.

In this country, you get banned or imprisoned for offending popular or mainstream sensibilities, rather than posing a threat as such. This is why we have had people prosecuted and even imprisoned for taunting Manchester United fans about a plane crash that happened when their grandparents were children and for posting tweets celebrating the deaths of soldiers, on the grounds that such statements had caused widespread offence even though they had not; al-Muhajiroun were banned not for actual involvement in terrorism but for ‘glorifying’ it (before ISIS had been heard of). Threaten ordinary people, minorities especially, and you are generally OK. Offend the Establishment and you are likely to get clamped down on, and when an extremist group goes mainstream (by having MEPs elected, for example), far from getting banned, they get airtime.

A cutting from 'The SunIf the government really were serious about eradicating far-right hate and hate groups, they would have not only targeted the EDL, but also made sure that white racists found stockpiling weapons to use in a race war got similar sentences to Muslims found even associating with terrorist groups. But banning far-right groups on spurious terrorist grounds is pointless when hate is being mainstreamed by the right-wing tabloids who have access to every news-stand at every corner shop and train station in the country. Front page after front page about Muslims, Gypsies and immigrants demanding special treatment, demanding bans on this or that or getting them, getting council houses worth six-figure sums at taxpayers’ expense, and posing a threat by simply covering their faces does far more to make hateful and suspicious attitudes towards minorites mainstream than demonsrations by men in masks and rhetoric about women being raped as if we were the Rohingya. The same papers elsewhere peddle smutty, intrusive, often misogynistic ‘journalism’ (such as this awful example from yesterday) mixed with sanctimonious moralising, none of which serves any public good.

Yet there is no talk of any of these papers being subject to any legal sanction or control, let alone banned. These are the organiations that foster hate in British society, and there are many others more guilty of it than National Action, which is a tiny fringe group that many people (including me) only heard of today when it was announced that they would be banned. Of course, I am against racism and Nazism, but there is no point targeting the small numbers of old Nazis and ignoring the racists and haters who are in the mainstream of politics and the media.

Image source: Wikipedia. Sourced from National Action.

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