Prayer mats on the caravan trail?

A rectangular prayer mat in purple and turquoise, with an image of vases with branches coming out of them and of an ornament hanging from an arch at the far end. There are purple tassels at each end.

So says the most powerful man in the world, the self-styled Very Stable Genius, the president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

The fact is this: Muslims do not go round leaving prayer mats in the desert. If we were travelling and we were carrying a prayer mat, we would be using it to pray on and we would need to use it again within a few hours, given that we are supposed to pray five times a day. Therefore it makes no sense to just leave it unless, say, it got unrecoverably dirty for some reason (though some have suggested they used it to get over a barbed wire fence). And if you find one, it might be from an American citizen or resident, because there actually are several million Muslims already living in the United States, or maybe even one living in Mexico (you do get Mexican Muslims) who may or may not have been on his or her way to the USA.

On top of this, even if Muslims were making their way to the USA via Mexico (which is unlikely given that it’s a very big detour to get to the US via Mexico from the Middle East), they might just be, you know, looking for a better life, the same as everyone else making that trip, rather than coming to blow something up. With Americans massacring Americans every couple of weeks, they really should not be worrying that there is the odd Muslim coming across the Rio Grande.

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