Some photos from this past winter

A view from across a small pond, across a garden on a hill to a large three-storey 19th-century mansion.
Scotney Castle house

I’ve been a National Trust member since last April (I joined more or less on the spur of the moment at Petworth, where I realised I had seen enough of the village and had never been inside the grand house and estate that borders onto it) and have posted a number of sets of pictures from its properties around the south-east of England. I was hoping to continue this as the trust originally planned to keep its gardens open during the Coronavirus outbreak, which would have made for some fine photo opportunities as Spring advances, but following the well-publicised excesses of the Saturday before last, they decided to close all of its gated properties and now we are told not to travel anyway. I visited a few of their attractions over the autumn and winter, including Winkworth Arboretum in Surrey where I took some very atmospheric pictures of the lake there, and Wakehurst Place, a property jointly managed with Kew Gardens in London, which also has very extensive gardens. In the couple of weeks before lockdown, I also visited Scotney Castle in Kent, which has a 19th-century country house and a ruined 12th-century castle and some very fine landscape gardens, and Bodiam Castle, a 14th-century moated castle with climbable towers, where I was among the last visitors before it closed due to the outbreak.

They can all be found on my Flickr account:

My other photo sets (including the ones I took at Petworth the day I joined) can be found from this index page.

I have a few others taken at Denbies Hillside in Surrey and the nearby Polesden Lacey mansion and garden, which I took in the autumn and has a bit of autumn colour (of which there was not much last year) which I will try and post in the next day or so.

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