Round-up: Irshad Manji, moons in mosques, the OLPC fiasco, Pauline Campbell, Obama versus Agar, Undercover Mosque

Top Muslim blog piece this week, in my opinion, was brother Marc Manley’s piece, The Trouble With Muslim Pundits today. While the establishment are busy fêting the likes of Ed and Maajid here in the UK, Irshad Manji is still … Continue reading

A “big gun” fires blanks for Amis

Today, the Guardian printed a defence of Martin Amis, in response to Ronan Bennett’s deconstruction of Amis’s anti-Muslim remarks in his interview with Ginny Dougary. Entitled Martin Amis is no racist, the article took up the bottom half of two pages, with the top half empty apart from the headline. It seemed that a big gun had to be brought in to defend Amis - someone of Amis’s own supposed stature - but the arguments were astoundingly flabby.

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“Hate books” that aren’t

A report was published yesterday by the “Policy Exchange” alleging that so-called hate literature is widely available in British mosques (PDF), many of it subsidised by Saudi Arabia. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, this was published on the same day as a Saudi state visit. The report is written by Denis MacEoin, on whose letters to various newspapers I have commented here in the past. He is well-known for having anti-Islamic attitudes, having written letters to newspapers opposing Muslim girls’ rights to wear hijab and on one occasion alleging that “multiculturalism gets you Northern Ireland”, rather than invading someone’s country and gerrymandering a state so that your planted minority can rule over a section of the majority population in that country.

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