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Ken, the shaikh, the hard left and the anti-left left

Tomorrow, a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary hosted and researched by Martin Bright (of “The Great Koran Con Trick” fame) is to be aired, and it reveals Ken’s loyalty to a small far-left sect called Socialist Action, and that he has given well-paid jobs in the Greater London Authority and its spin-off organisations to various members of it; its members have also worked for various other left organisations over the years, according to one of them, Atma Singh, in today’s Sunday Times ([1], [2]). In the run-up to this programme, articles have appeared in the New Statesman (by Bright himself), in the Observer (by Nick Cohen, predictably) and in the Sunday Times alongside Singh’s piece.

The Crossrail fares rip-off

This afternoon they are announcing on the radio that Ken Livingstone has announced that fares for public transport in London will rise to finance the construction of the Crossrail scheme. Apparently this wasn’t part of the original plan, but has come to be necessary - a week after the government decided to support the scheme - because they hadn’t taken into account the interest which would have to be paid on the loans.