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Nazir-Ali jumps in on veil

Sunday Telegraph: Ban veils in public, says Asian bishop The Anglican Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali (son of a convert to Catholicism from Islam) jumps in on the latest bogus veil controversy by calling...

Khadija Ravat and the niqab’s good name

The contrived controversy over the Channel 4 “Alternative Christmas Message” dragged on today, with the Daily Mirror featuring an interview with the lady in which she told the interviewer that she, being a patriotic British citizen, will be watching the Queen rather than her own message. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, however, comes out with the usual attack on the niqab, alleging that Channel 4 “has decided to glamorise and validate the veil, showing cool indifference to the meanings of one of the most violently contested symbols in the world today”. The article appeared in the Evening Standard, which does not generally publish its opinion pieces online.

Abu Iman Squires refutes MCC on niqab

Mere Islam: The Face Veil…Let’s Be Honest Abu Iman Squires (of Mere Islam and Muslim Answers) delivers a refutation of the recent article published by the so-called Muslim Canadian Congress (the “Islamic organisation” which...