Microsoft’s “Inspirational Tour”

At my University (Kingston, in Surrey) Microsoft is going to be stopping on its “Inspirational Tour” next week - 11th Feb 2004! That’s next Wednesday! That means we can all go along and ask them some pertinent questions.


(1) When are they going to put out a decent operating system? (2) Given that Windoze XP has been such a disaster, how can we trust Longhorn if and when it comes out? (3) Why don’t they move over to a Unix-type operating system, as Apple has done so successfully?

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These wretched viruses

I’m sure most of you reading this by now will have received at least one copy of this MyDoom virus. I get several of these files landing in my inbox every day, and I never know which is MyDoom and which isn’t. A lot of them pretend to be from Microsoft technical support and promising upgrades, etc. Continue reading

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Got my BSD working again …

As it turns out it didn’t mess up my whole laptop, and all I had to do was re-save my system settings and BSD works again (I haven’t tried Windoze 2000 for some time). Restarting took a little longer - perhaps because of the unjournalled file-system - but it worked, ma sha Allah.

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Peter Bowditch and Roy Meadow

The “Millenium Project” has got to be one of the most odious little websites ever published, and this guy seems to think he’s the most rational dude out there. This website (despite its occasional attacks on racism and Holocaust denial) is mostly about defending the medical establishment, or rather, defaming anyone who criticises it. Continue reading

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Islam and American Family Values

An interesting little site called “Ladies Against Feminism” - a call from some rather quaint-sounding ladies apparently in Oregon to give up their trousers and become housewives, among other things - has published an article by one J. Grant Swank, Jr, a lying Bush propagandist, sorry, conservative journo, and pastor in the “New Hope Church”, about the appalling situation of women in Afghanistan. There is no doubting that the situation is appalling, and in fact most of his article is the work of Amnesty International. You can read the full report here. Continue reading

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