The Rally Yesterday …

Well I went to the rally yesterday, it was not as big as the huge anti-war rallies last year but it was big enough that people were still leaving the start (Hyde Park) as the rest of us were having our rally in Trafalgar Square. It rained a little bit and it was very windy - I heard that people in other parts of the country had been killed by flying debris, but no-one here (al-hamdu lillah) was injured, although I almost got one of the Marxists’ flagpoles land on my head in Hyde Park. Continue reading

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No More Lies, Mr Blair!

Saturday’s Stop the War march is intended to reinforce calls for political accountability and a withdrawal from Iraq, writes Andrew Burgin Continue reading

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A bizarre 419 invitation

I just got forwarded an exceptionally dumb 419 invitation through a mailing list I’m on, in which someone claiming to be Dr Mitchell Obi of some Nigerian financial organisation appeals for someone to do business with him as his “next of kin”?! Does this moron even know what a next of kin is?

419’ers being dumb is nothing new - there are at least a dozen websites dedicated to baiting these idiots, getting them to say stupid things or hold up banners with what they think are their new business partners’ names on them (actually insults made to look like names). I wonder how people as stupid as these could get that amount of money together?

Article on 419’ers targeting Muslims

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Muslims police their own? How?

It’s very common to hear, whenever a terrorist incident happens that bears the hallmarks of Al-Qa’ida, calls for the Muslims to control extremist elements in their own community. I read an article on a UK Usenet forum today, claiming that “the peace loving Muslims throughout the world really need to bring some real pressure to bear on their albeit small minority of fanatical zealots calling for Holy War against The West”. Continue reading

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Thank God some people saw sense

It seems the Spanish - who, it must be remembered, did not want to get involved in Iraq to begin with - have had their fears confirmed by last week’s bombings in Madrid, and kicked out the government that got them into that mess. No doubt the morons at places like Little Green Footballs will start crying “surrender”, but it gives hope to those of us in the UK who also never wanted to get involved in the Bush cabal’s disastrous adventures.

A few weeks ago I read in the Spectator (a right-of-centre political weekly until recently owned by Conrad Black) someone going on about how “we need America”. We need America a lot less now than we did in the 1960s during the Cold War, yet a Labour government (under Harold Wilson) kept us out of the Vietnam war, which was fought to prop up an American client dictatorship, went on for several bloody years, and failed miserably. Why get involved with this when we managed to stay out of Vietnam?

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Mac vs PC comparison

I ordered a Mac on Friday - a G4 eMac which is all I could reasonably afford, but I did order some extra memory for it - and I also bought a copy of the Mac users’ magazine MacFormat, which is published by the same people as Linux Format of which I have been a regular reader since late 2002. There’s a feature in there comparing the Mac to the PC, and why should you buy a Mac rather than a PC. Continue reading

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Guantanamo: the truth is coming out

Jamal al-Harith, one of the five British detainees released from Guantanamo, has told (not to mention sold) his story to the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid. You can read the full story by clicking this link, it’s pretty revolting.

Also, the latest in the squalid story of Amina Silmi (from the Vindicator, of Youngstown, Ohio) is that she is not even allowed to touch her own children during visits in prison. She is being held in prison because the Immigration Service want to kick her out of the US to Venezuela, despite the fact that she has three children who are US citizens, one of whom has special needs. Read the story here. What is the matter with these people?

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Shukr Clothing Australian launch

An Australian website for the Syrian-based Islamic clothing company Shukr has been launched. The company is run by an American convert and the clothing is all made by religious Muslims. (I’d call it special occasion clothing though, unless you’re very wealthy.)

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Mandrake Linux v10.0

A funny thing to put just above the post on the Madrid disaster, but this is a tech blog as well as a war blog - it’s a general personal blog. So here goes.

Mandrake has just released the “Community version” of version 10 of its (GNU/) Linux distro and released ISOs to the Community. Many of the FTP mirrors were full as the Mandrake website warned, and those that weren’t were painfully slow - was as fast as my home broadband on a much wider connection. But I found a mirror in Ireland from which the download rate was 1.4 Mb per second, so I manage to download it pretty quickly. Continue reading

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About the Madrid bombings

At the moment it is not certain that the bombings in Madrid, which has killed nearly 200 people at the time of this writing, was the work of Al-Qa’ida. It has been said that it bears the hallmarks of both that group and ETA (‘Basqueland’ and Freedom), the Basque separatist group. Whichever group is responsible this is a terrible action which has killed hundreds of innocent people, deliberately. Continue reading

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Guantanamo Brits innocent after all

Al-Hamdu lillah, the five British detainees who were flown home from Guantanamo Bay yesterday have been released without charge. They have been held for two years and now it appears that not only have the Americans not a jot of evidence against them, neither have the British.

Continue reading

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Vote Nazi, read the Mail

Searchlight Magazine, a British anti-fascist and anti-racist monthly, has picked up on the anti-immigrant vendetta in the tabloid press. It seems the BNP appreciate the support, as one of their goons held up a banner at a rally saying “Vote BNP, Read the Daily Mail”! Also a feature on the situation of the Roma (‘gypsies’) in Eastern Europe, particularly Slovakia, and why some countries accept Roma asylum seekers and others don’t.

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LGF’s latest horror story

Little Green Footballs, for reasons (ahem) best known to themselves as this has nothing to do with the Middle East or with anything political, have posted an article about a five-year-old girl who was murdered by her abusive parents in Toronto for their goonish fans to foam at the mouth about. It is not the first time a young girl has been murdered by cruel relatives. A couple of years ago a little girl from the Ivory Coast, Victoria Climbie, was killed by her aunt after suffering years of terrible cruelty. I also heard about a young girl here in England whose resentful stepmother abused her for years, before kicking her in the stomach, killing her. The difference, of course, is that neither of these families were from a Muslim background. Continue reading

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The Morons Have Landed

An individual calling himself “Flanstein”, who has been pestering at least one other Muslim blogger by posting inhumanity-of-Islam ravings on her comments page, has started on my blog too. I think he found my blog through a post I made on, suggesting that the author of that blog simply ban his ravings, as certain anti-Muslim bloggers I have mentioned here before have no problem censoring my attempts to speak the truth on their patch. He wrote in response to my earlier post about Abu Hamza (14th Feb), by quoting something Abu Hamza said. Continue reading

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QT Learning blues

A few weeks ago (with birthday money from my mum & dad) I bought Matthias Kalle Dalheimer’s book, “Programming with Qt” (published by O’Reilly) - Qt is a graphical user interface toolkit mostly used on Linux but you can also get it for Windoze, Mac and embedded systems also. It presents an extremely steep learning curve, and in the first chapter of ‘serious’ programming basically expects you to go off and learn whole areas of Qt programming by yourself. I ended up just looking at the answers, although perhaps if I’d had more time I’d have been able to work it out by myself. Continue reading

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Daily Express puts its foot in it again

The flow of garbage from the Daily Express continues unabated. Last Thursday it published yet another multi-page feature on immigration, claiming that just as we are getting loads of immigrants coming in, Brits are moving to Spain! The thing is that a lot of Brits actually hate the British climate; they want to go to Spain where it’s hot, or the Alps where you get proper snow (for the moment at least), anywhere but here where it rains. (As if it rains all the time). (Maybe we should run an exchange scheme, whereby a British family who hates our climate can exchange with (say) a Kurdish family, so that our whining Brits can sod off to sunny Kurdistan and leave this country to someone who appreciates it.) They interviewed this British family who’d emigrated to Spain and one of the stupid things they said was that the legal system was great and everyone’s afraid of the Guardia Civil! Continue reading

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More bigotry from the LGF donkeys

The morons over at Little Green Footballs are getting hot under the collar over the decision in the state of Alabama to permit people to wear religiously-mandated head scarves and turbans in their driving license ID. This is a “victory for CAIR”, which means that “a primary method of identification (hair type and color) has just been taken away from law enforcement, because of special interest group (read: Muslim) pressure.” Continue reading

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More on College Linux

I’m really happy (so far) with College Linux. I spent two hours last night downloading Dropline GNOME, but it’s really worth it. It’s probably the best version of GNOME out there, even better than ULB on SUSE although that’s pretty good (better than SuSE’s supplied version and certainly better than Ximian’s). The installation for CL leaves a lot to be desired, however; I can install Linux easily because I had installed SUSE’s Linux first. I then replaced that with FreeBSD and then that with College Linux. The biggest problem for new Linux users is partitioning, and that’s something SuSE is really good at. We need a good, easy-to-use open-source partitioner - fast.

There’s only a few small problems; although speedtouchconf (to get my Alcatel DSL modem going) works, it doesn’t appear to set it up to connect on boot, nor give any way of doing this. And the lousy Alcatel driver is the main reason I wanted to get off SuSE - it is so unreliable, it often needs to be re-started as root, sometimes you need to reboot the machine even after that, and other times the machine crashes while loading the driver during boot-up. The Papillault driver is much more reliable. I should tell CL about this issue I suppose.

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Bush Buddy Watch

Here’s a piece from British IT site The Register about how a California judge has given the green light to Diebold - the company that’s committed to delivering Ohio’s votes to the President!

More on the Diebold scandal from Greg Palast:

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BSD developments …

I’ve decided to take BSD off my machine. The CD downloads are basically a demo, to get the full OS you’re supposed to get the 4-CD pack from FreeBSD Mall or some other company. GNOME didn’t work properly and the fonts were up the spout as well, at least as soon as you try to move beyond plain old Helvetica and Times. So I installed the College Linux CD-R I’d had sitting round on the shelf for weeks.

The installation was weird, very old fashioned. You use ‘cfdisk’ to partition the hard drive, which I wasn’t used to although I’ve used ‘fdisk’ with BSD. With their installer all it takes is one wrong button and it goes wrong; CTRL-C during the installation sends you to the shell prompt! Also there’s no package options - it seems to install everything on the CD. Even FreeBSD’s installer allows you to choose what to install. But the OS works, at least - I’m using it to type this. It’s based on Slackware which I’ve heard is a very stable system and good for development and for finding one’s way around Linux.

I’ve had a pretty nasty cold the last few days which has meant that I haven’t felt up to typing (and, by extension, blogging). Insha Allah I should feel better in a day or so.

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