LGF’s latest horror story

Little Green Footballs, for reasons (ahem) best known to themselves as this has nothing to do with the Middle East or with anything political, have posted an article about a five-year-old girl who was murdered by her abusive parents in Toronto for their goonish fans to foam at the mouth about. It is not the first time a young girl has been murdered by cruel relatives. A couple of years ago a little girl from the Ivory Coast, Victoria Climbie, was killed by her aunt after suffering years of terrible cruelty. I also heard about a young girl here in England whose resentful stepmother abused her for years, before kicking her in the stomach, killing her. The difference, of course, is that neither of these families were from a Muslim background. Continue reading

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The Morons Have Landed

An individual calling himself “Flanstein”, who has been pestering at least one other Muslim blogger by posting inhumanity-of-Islam ravings on her comments page, has started on my blog too. I think he found my blog through a post I made on http://niqaabi-4ever.blogspot.com/, suggesting that the author of that blog simply ban his ravings, as certain anti-Muslim bloggers I have mentioned here before have no problem censoring my attempts to speak the truth on their patch. He wrote in response to my earlier post about Abu Hamza (14th Feb), by quoting something Abu Hamza said. Continue reading

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QT Learning blues

A few weeks ago (with birthday money from my mum & dad) I bought Matthias Kalle Dalheimer’s book, “Programming with Qt” (published by O’Reilly) - Qt is a graphical user interface toolkit mostly used on Linux but you can also get it for Windoze, Mac and embedded systems also. It presents an extremely steep learning curve, and in the first chapter of ‘serious’ programming basically expects you to go off and learn whole areas of Qt programming by yourself. I ended up just looking at the answers, although perhaps if I’d had more time I’d have been able to work it out by myself. Continue reading

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Daily Express puts its foot in it again

The flow of garbage from the Daily Express continues unabated. Last Thursday it published yet another multi-page feature on immigration, claiming that just as we are getting loads of immigrants coming in, Brits are moving to Spain! The thing is that a lot of Brits actually hate the British climate; they want to go to Spain where it’s hot, or the Alps where you get proper snow (for the moment at least), anywhere but here where it rains. (As if it rains all the time). (Maybe we should run an exchange scheme, whereby a British family who hates our climate can exchange with (say) a Kurdish family, so that our whining Brits can sod off to sunny Kurdistan and leave this country to someone who appreciates it.) They interviewed this British family who’d emigrated to Spain and one of the stupid things they said was that the legal system was great and everyone’s afraid of the Guardia Civil! Continue reading

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More bigotry from the LGF donkeys

The morons over at Little Green Footballs are getting hot under the collar over the decision in the state of Alabama to permit people to wear religiously-mandated head scarves and turbans in their driving license ID. This is a “victory for CAIR”, which means that “a primary method of identification (hair type and color) has just been taken away from law enforcement, because of special interest group (read: Muslim) pressure.” Continue reading

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More on College Linux

I’m really happy (so far) with College Linux. I spent two hours last night downloading Dropline GNOME, but it’s really worth it. It’s probably the best version of GNOME out there, even better than ULB on SUSE although that’s pretty good (better than SuSE’s supplied version and certainly better than Ximian’s). The installation for CL leaves a lot to be desired, however; I can install Linux easily because I had installed SUSE’s Linux first. I then replaced that with FreeBSD and then that with College Linux. The biggest problem for new Linux users is partitioning, and that’s something SuSE is really good at. We need a good, easy-to-use open-source partitioner - fast.

There’s only a few small problems; although speedtouchconf (to get my Alcatel DSL modem going) works, it doesn’t appear to set it up to connect on boot, nor give any way of doing this. And the lousy Alcatel driver is the main reason I wanted to get off SuSE - it is so unreliable, it often needs to be re-started as root, sometimes you need to reboot the machine even after that, and other times the machine crashes while loading the driver during boot-up. The Papillault driver is much more reliable. I should tell CL about this issue I suppose.

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Bush Buddy Watch

Here’s a piece from British IT site The Register about how a California judge has given the green light to Diebold - the company that’s committed to delivering Ohio’s votes to the President!


More on the Diebold scandal from Greg Palast:


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BSD developments …

I’ve decided to take BSD off my machine. The CD downloads are basically a demo, to get the full OS you’re supposed to get the 4-CD pack from FreeBSD Mall or some other company. GNOME didn’t work properly and the fonts were up the spout as well, at least as soon as you try to move beyond plain old Helvetica and Times. So I installed the College Linux CD-R I’d had sitting round on the shelf for weeks.

The installation was weird, very old fashioned. You use ‘cfdisk’ to partition the hard drive, which I wasn’t used to although I’ve used ‘fdisk’ with BSD. With their installer all it takes is one wrong button and it goes wrong; CTRL-C during the installation sends you to the shell prompt! Also there’s no package options - it seems to install everything on the CD. Even FreeBSD’s installer allows you to choose what to install. But the OS works, at least - I’m using it to type this. It’s based on Slackware which I’ve heard is a very stable system and good for development and for finding one’s way around Linux.

I’ve had a pretty nasty cold the last few days which has meant that I haven’t felt up to typing (and, by extension, blogging). Insha Allah I should feel better in a day or so.

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Religious education and “teaching atheism”

Today the Observer reveals that kids in schools are to be taught atheism, which, they say, should be welcomed, “for the move accepts a simple fact of modern life: that ours has become a secular society in which church-going is now a pastime for only a small minority”. What they mean by “teaching atheism” is unclear. The beliefs generally associated with atheism - including Darwin’s theory - have been taught in British schools, often as fact, for decades. Some of the established religions, like some branches of Hinduism and Buddhism, do not believe in God or else believe that the nature or existence of God is secondary to other matters, and children are already taught about other religions in many schools, even religious schools. Apparently we believers have more in common with atheists and agnostics than we like to believe, notably the rejection of idolatry. As Muslims we detest idolatry, but we hardly believe that agnostics and atheists have much more in common with us than Hindus and other idolators. We believe that Allah Most High is behind everything that happens; they believe in a multitude of forces, which is a type of polytheism in itself. Continue reading

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Abu Hamza makes the front pages again

The Scum, Britain’s leading red-top gutter rag, put Abu Hamza on its front two pages again for what must be the third week running. The paper has made a date of it each week, turning up at Abu Hamza’s street sermons outside the Finsbury Park mosque (which was closed specifically to keep him and his gang out). Today it claimed that he “sunk to a new low … with a sickening attack on Jews and the Queen”. Continue reading

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Nothing much happened today :-)

Just writing to keep the blog active, really. Nothing happened which really got me going like the French headscarf thing. Went into Kingston, had a vegetarian breakfast at the Algerian cafe near the station, went to college, found that the girls I’m working with on my college project weren’t there, dropped them a line, went back into town, went back into college, then back into town, then to my aunt Pauline’s place, then home. Continue reading

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The MS Desperation Tour

While it’s still the 11th, I thought I should say something about the MS “100% Inspiration” tour which I mentioned earlier in the blog. They did a lecture followed by a lab session, but the lecture was basically a sales pitch rather than a recruitment session. I don’t think I’d work for Microsoft anyway unless I was really desperate, but it was disappointing. I’m not convinced that all these new frameworks they are bringing in will be of benefit to the customer rather than the programmer, once he’s paid through the nose for the programming tools. For one thing, they are compiled to “byte code”, which may be a cut above interpreting a script, but it’s still interpreted. And the guy had a very strong accent (Scottish or perhaps Northern Irish) and talked fast, which I could understand, but a lot of the audience probably couldn’t. Something they should think about when they are choosing their salesmen.

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Just before I go …

A rather amusing entry in the blog Web Pages that Suck which pretty much tallies with my attitude to drink (except for the fact that Islam forbids it, although I stopped drinking before I converted). It’s entry 2-9-4 about the Law Office of Timothy J. Kucharski.

“I’ve tried alcohol; it tastes terrible. I have a low tolerance for stupidity and I think people are stupid when they force themselves to learn to like something that is initially disgusting. Then there’s the issue of drinking to excess. Why? So you can be loud and obnoxious and act like a fool? Heck, that’s easy to do when you’re sober and it’s cheaper and doesn’t give you a hangover.”

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KDE 3.2 update

Finally got KDE 3.2 up and running! I had to de-install the KDE SuSE desktop in order to get the 3.2 base RPM to install, and in order to keep the help system I then had to install the Apache web server! Luckily that only took up 2Mb of disk space though. Getting the RPMs to install was still a nightmare and I had to do it on a —force basis, but it got done. Haven’t tested it fully yet as I’m just about to go to bed. Oh, my BSD broke down again. More later insha Allah.

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Institutional Racism

Yet another British institution is found to be institutionally racist - and this time it’s the mental health system, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone. See BBC report but it’s all over the national British newspapers. On the same day, Rod Liddle in the Spectator reports that the social services are no longer able to help children out of trouble because everything they could do would infringe their human rights. Continue reading

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Daily Express – same old garbage

As might be expected from a newspaper owned by porn baron Richard Desmond, the Daily Express once again went for the lowest common denominator in its coverage of the EU expansion issue. It was reported yesterday that politicians want restrictions placed on immigration from the new EU members in Eastern Europe (from Estonia down to Hungary) for seven years, as was the case when Spain, Portugal and Greece joined. The UK was supposedly the only country which has not imposed such restrictions (actually, France has not imposed any either, and others are allowing a few thousand a year). Continue reading

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Microsoft’s “Inspirational Tour”

At my University (Kingston, in Surrey) Microsoft is going to be stopping on its “Inspirational Tour” next week - 11th Feb 2004! That’s next Wednesday! That means we can all go along and ask them some pertinent questions.


(1) When are they going to put out a decent operating system? (2) Given that Windoze XP has been such a disaster, how can we trust Longhorn if and when it comes out? (3) Why don’t they move over to a Unix-type operating system, as Apple has done so successfully?

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These wretched viruses

I’m sure most of you reading this by now will have received at least one copy of this MyDoom virus. I get several of these files landing in my inbox every day, and I never know which is MyDoom and which isn’t. A lot of them pretend to be from Microsoft technical support and promising upgrades, etc. Continue reading

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Got my BSD working again …

As it turns out it didn’t mess up my whole laptop, and all I had to do was re-save my system settings and BSD works again (I haven’t tried Windoze 2000 for some time). Restarting took a little longer - perhaps because of the unjournalled file-system - but it worked, ma sha Allah.

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Peter Bowditch and Roy Meadow

The “Millenium Project” has got to be one of the most odious little websites ever published, and this guy seems to think he’s the most rational dude out there. This website (despite its occasional attacks on racism and Holocaust denial) is mostly about defending the medical establishment, or rather, defaming anyone who criticises it. Continue reading

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