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Qt v4.8.3 released

Version 4.8.3 of Qt has been released. This is a bug-fix release with a substantial number of fixes including 18 crashes. It adds open support for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), eliminating the "not supported" warning that occurred on compilation in previous releases (although the executables did work). This version also updates WebKit to 2.2.3. Downloads are available here (note that the SDK at the top of the page has an older version of Qt). Changelog is available here.

Digia buys Qt

From the Digia website:

Digia, which already had responsibility for the commercial licensing of Qt, has bought the rights to Qt outright from Nokia, which had no further use for the product following its abandonment of Symbian and Meego. Digia has also sent a letter to the KDE project assuring them of its commitment to Qt as both a free and commercial product.

Qt v4.8.2 and Qt Creator v2.5.0 released

From Qt website:

Version 4.8.2 of Qt, the cross-platform GUI and network application toolkit, has been released. Major changes include:

  • WebKit v2.2.2, including DOS fix for Windows
  • libpng updated to v1.5.10
  • Multiple improvements to most modules and on all platforms, including 6 crashes (full changelog here)

Version 1.1.11 of the Visual Studio add-in has also been released. This now includes documentation suport for Visual Studio 2010.

Downloads available here. Includes source, binary and new SDK downloads.

Qt 4.8.1 libraries for Windows, Mac and Linux/X11 released as stand-alone download — The Qt Blog

Qt 4.8.1 libraries for Windows, Mac and Linux/X11 released as stand-alone download -- The Qt Blog

Nokia has released version 4.8.1 of Qt, which contains bug fixes affecting the Core, GUI and Network libraries and a large number of platform-specific fixes. It also adds Mac App Store support. It is available as a stand-alone binary or source download here. Note that the SDK download (including Qt Creator) is due for release next month.

Akademy 2012: registration open

From KDE Dot News:

Registration has opened for the Akademy conference which is to take place in Tallinn, Estonia, from 30th June to 6th July. Presentations sought on topics including the Qt Project, KDE frameworks, "beautiful, fast, useful applications" and Plasma Workspaces breakthroughs. Registration can be done from this page.

KDE v4.8.1 released

KDE - KDE Ships March Updates to Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform

Version 4.8.1 of the KDE Software Compilation has been released. This is a maintenance release containing only bug-fixes and translation updates (file manager Dolphin has seen particular attention). Source downloads, links to binaries (currently Gentoo, Kubuntu and OpenSUSE) are available at the info page.

Nokia's replacement for QMake launched

From Qt Labs blogs:

Qt Labs have announced that they are working on a replacement for QMake, which they consider unmaintainable. The new build system is to be called the Qt Build Suite. Unlike QMake and CMake, this software replaces Make (calling the compiler and linker itself) and uses a simplified version of QML, the language used in Qt Quick. The software is experimental and is not expected to replace QMake any time soon. See link above for download instructions.

Smb4K v1.0.0 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.0.0 of Smb4K, the Windows share browser for KDE, has been released. Major changes:

  • better KDE integration
  • periodic scanning of the network neighborhood
  • ability to group bookmarks
  • improved synchronization
  • improved printing
  • improved visual (un)mount feedback
  • editor for wallet entries
  • changed way how inaccessible shares are handled under Linux

Full changelog (see "Changes since version 0.10.12") and downloads here. Requires KDE v4.4 or later and Qt v4.7.0 or later.

Eric4 v4.5.0 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 4.5.0 of [Eric4], the Qt4-based Python IDE, has been released. Main new features:

  • Mac OS X support
  • Forms generation support for PySide and Python3 Qt projects
  • Improved highlighter styles configuration, and ability to change keywords of highlighters
  • Ability to perform various Subversion VC functions (such as add, remove and commit) from the status dialog
  • Enhanced source browser and documenter

See the link above for full changelog. Screenshots here, downloads and dependencies (Python source) here.

Qt SDK v1.2 released

From Nokia website:

Nokia have released version 1.2 of the Qt SDK, which features Qt v4.8.0 and an updated Qt Creator, v2.4.1, which is released today and is mostly a bug-fix release. Major new features:

  • Qt v4.8.0, which includes the platform abstraction, Qt Quick v1.1, Qt WebKit v2.2 and threaded OpenGL
  • More Qt Mobility examples for Nokia N9 and Symbian devices
  • Ability to specify network proxy setting in the SDK Maintenance Tool
  • Update to the Symbian Complementary Package introducing Analyze Tool plugin and new CODA 1.0.6 installation package
  • An update to Notifications API improving the end user experience and fixing issues in the Nokia N9 implementation of the API.

Downloads available here. You can also download the libraries (without Qt Creator or the mobile development tools) from the same page.

From Kitware:

Version 2.8.7 of CMake, the build tool used in KDE and a number of other major Qt-based projects, has been released. Major changes in this release:

  • improved Eclipse support
  • improvements to AUTOMOC
  • more cryptographic hash implementations (SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512)
  • file(...) and string(...) command additions for computing hash values
  • added LINKPUBLIC and LINKPRIVATE options to targetlinklibraries command
  • new module: DeployQt4
  • and, as always, various minor bug fixes

Source and binary releases (Windows and Mac installers, various Linux and Unix tarball binaries) can be found here.

Qt 4.8.0: release candidate available

Qt 4.8.0 Release Candidate available

A first release candidate of Qt v4.8.0 has been released. This release contains Qt Webkit v2.2.0, the Qt Lighthouse porting system, and various performance increase improvements (I cannot find what else is new, as the "What's New?" page still relates to Qt 4.7). The Linux binaries are built using Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx), rather than 8.04 (Hardy Heron) as were the previous Linux binaries (due to new dependencies; also, Hardy has reached end-of-life on the desktop). It is available through the Qt SDK (see the download page); also, the tag "v4.8.0-rc1" will appear on the Qt Gitorious repository soon.

Qt Creator v2.3, Qt v4.7.4 released

Qt SDK Update introducing Qt Creator 2.3 and other updates

Version 4.7.4 of Qt has been released, along with it a new version of the IDE Qt Creator.

Changes in Qt Creator include (full changelog here):

  • Improved coding styles for C++
  • Support for generic remote Linux devices
  • Qt Quick debugging for Symbian and Meego 1.2 devices with Qt 4.7.4 installed
  • Improved Qt Quick live preview

Qt v4.7.4 now includes Qt Quick v1.1, which offers right-to-left text support and support for a split-screen virtual keyboard. There are also large number of bug fixes; see the full changelog. It is available either through the SDK (with Qt Creator) or as a library-only download; see here.

Qt accessibility on Linux

Qt Labs blogs: Accessibility on Linux

An alpha release of the Qt Accessibility Bridge has been issued, featuring improvements to the use of DBus, allowing major memory and CPU efficiencies.There are instructions at the link above for how to enable it on Orca, the GNOME screen reader.

KDE v4.7 released

KDE - New KDE Applications, Workspaces and Development Platform Releases Bring New Features, Improve Stability

Version 4.7 of the KDE platform and applications has been released. Major changes include:

  • KWin now supports OpenGL ES; code clean-up and various performance improvements
  • Plasma Activities now more prominent
  • Improved networking support in Plasma
  • Kontact reintegrated into KDE
  • Dolphin has streamlined appearance (e.g. main menu hidden) and integration with source code management systems
  • DigiKam 2.0: face detection and recognition, geotagging
  • Technology preview of new "Telepathy" integrated instant messaging client
  • Improvements to speed and stability of Nepomuk
  • GRUB 2 support in the display manager (KDM)

Downloads available on the info page. Binary packages will be available over the next couple of days (OpenSUSE packages already available).