February 2006

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Krusader 1.70.0 released

From KDE Apps:

A new version of Krusader, a Commander-style twin-pane file manager for KDE, has been released. New features include the viewer/editor being tabbed, support for writing to zip and tar archives, and new and updated translations. For full change list, screenshots, and a link to the source download, see KDE Apps link above. (Krusader home page may load for you; it won't for me at the moment.)

Kst v1.2.0 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.2.0 of Kst, a "real-time data viewing and plotting tool with basic data analysis functionality", has been released. This is a major release, featuring KstScript, an ECMAScript-based language (ie. similar to JavaScript) "capable of
interacting with and extending Kst in virtually every way"; this version adds support for various new data formats including HEALPix. Download instructions here, screenshots here. Requires KDE/Qt 3.1.

kdbus update

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.8.5 of kdbus, a D-BUS service browser for KDE, has been released. A preliminary user manual has been started, and the app "now listens for services joining or leaving the bus, and updates the GUI accordingly". Source bundle here, and a single screenshot can be found on the home page.

SUSE 10 Bible released

The SUSE Linux 10 Bible has been released (in the UK at least). It merits mention here because SUSE is the leading KDE-oriented Linux distro; it has, however, no material on Qt or KDE programming, or any other software development other than using vi and emacs and RPM package building. It contains detailed instructions on installing, using the YaST installer/configurator, working with files and at the bash prompt, and the RPM package system; there is a 220-page section on setting up network services, and a section on enterprise packages. It does not have much on desktop applications like OpenOffice.org, the GIMP and the like; it is a guide to using GNU/Linux itself for SUSE users.

QSvn 0.3.0 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.3.0 of QSvn, a Qt4-based Subversion client, has been released. This version adds the ability to cancel all SVN actions, context menus in the working-copy and file list views, and a switch to Qt 4.1 from 4.0. Three bug fixes are also listed. Full release notes here along with a link to a Windows installer; screenshots here; download instructions here.

Qt announces Developer Roadshow

Trolltech have announced six dates for regional developer conferences this year, in cities across the US and Europe. The US cities listed are Chicago, Houston TX, Boston MA; in Europe: Cambridge, Paris and Hamburg. Pricing is $199 in the US and €199 in Europe. Speakers listed are Eirik Chambe-Eng, Matthias Ettrich, Andreas Hanssen, Marius Bugge-Monsen, Gunnar Sletta, Scott Collins, Jasmin Blanchette and Trenton Schulz. For full details, including schedule:

Trolltech - Trolltech Developer Days 2005

amaroK 1.4 beta released

From KDE Apps:

A first beta of amaroK version 1.4 has been released. amaroK is a KDE-based media player which supports playlists and a number of different media formats. There is a massive number of changes and some bug fixes; see the KDE Apps page. Only source downloads are currently available; here is the bz2 source bundle (details here).

OpenOffice 2 QuickStarter released

From KDE Apps:

The OpenOffice.org Quickstarter has been updated so that it works with version 2 of the free software office suite. The software works by loading parts of the suite into memory so that it starts faster when needed. The changelog says it has been completely rewritten. Requires KDE 3.1. GPL. Screenshots and downloads at the home page.

QSvn 0.2.0 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.2.0 of QSvn, a Qt-based client for Subversion, has been released. This version has been ported to Qt 4 and is now a standalone client which does not require the Subversion binary. Screenshots here, download location here. (Needless to say, this is not to be confused with KDEsvn which requires Qt 3 and KDE.)

Independent Qt 4 tutorial out

[Johan Thelin announces)[http://www.advogato.org/person/e8johan/diary.html?start=191) that the Independent Qt Tutorial has been updated for Qt 4. The new tutorial contains an introduction to C++ as used by Qt and to properties, signals and slots, and other Qt concepts, important Qt core classes, and to the Qt Designer tool and how to use objects produced with it.

Technical working group elected

From KDE Dot News:

The first seven people to form a KDE technical working group have been elected by the members of the KDE e.V.. The names are David Faure (Konqueror author, currently at Klarälvdalens Datakonsult), Dirk Mueller (currently at SUSE/Novell), George Staikos, Gunnar Schmidt (of KDE Accessibility), Lubos Lunak (KWin maintainer), Stephan Kulow (works on KDE at SUSE) and Thiago Macieira (Troll). Full details and pictures at the link above.

KMyFirewall update

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.0.1 of KMyFirewall, a KDE app for setting up IPtables-based personal firewalls, has been released. This version fixes a number of bugs and adds support for several new protocols. Screenshots here and on the KDE Apps page; source download instructions and links here. Requires Qt and KDE 3.3, IPtables (at least) 1.2, and Linux 2.4 kernel or newer.

Distributing LSB3-compliant Qt apps

Over at QDevBlog, Harald Fernengel has published an entry on distributing Qt-based Linux Standard Base 3.0-compliant binaries. This involves grabbing the LSB build environment from the LSB website; this includes a Qt-specific package. The entry includes instructions on building binaries and RPM packages.

Umbrello update

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.5.1 of Umbrello, a UML modelling app for KDE, has been released. The changelog (here, which is also the download location) lists ten bug fixes; one of them is the former lack of support for C++ "const" methods. Screenshots here. Requires KDE 3.4; comes with KDE 3.5.1.

aKademy-es in Barcelona in March

From KDE Dot News:

Badopi, the Barcelona Linux user group, is organising a Spanish-language KDE event, "aKademy-es", which is to take place in the city, 3rd-5th March; full details here.

K3b update

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.12.11 of K3b, the KDE app for burning CDs and DVDs, has been released. This version adds the ability to copy double-layer DVDs with less than 4.3Gb used to a single-layer DVD, and the use of .iso extensions instead of .img; there are also a number of bug fixes (see changelog on the KDE Apps page). Downloads here, screenshots here.

Tellico v1.1 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.1 of Tellico, a personal collections manager for KDE, has been released. A full list of feature updates since version 1.0.3, and fixes since the third pre-release, can be found here. Screenshots here, source download here, links to binaries are on the front of the home page. Requires Qt and KDE 3.2.

Texmaker 1.3 released

From KDE Apps:

Texmaker version 1.3 has been released. Texmaker (not to be confused with TextMaker, a commercial non-Qt-based WP package from Softmaker in Nuremberg, Germany) is a Qt-based application for producing LaTeX documents. The present version has been updated to use pure Qt 4.1, removing reliance on the Qt3 support module; it also adds bookmarks to speed up navigation. Screenshots here, downloads (source, static Linux and Mac OS X binaries and Windows executables) here.

KBoincSpy v0.9.1 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.9.1 of KBoincSpy has been released. KBoincSpy is a KDE client for the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, a distributed computing platform which "enables organizations who oversee scientific projects requiring extensive computing resources to easily set up and maintain a distributed computing infrastructure". According to the announcement:

This release focuses on reaching almost feature-parity with the latest BOINC client from Berkeley (the 5.x series). Among the new features: attach-to-project wizard, host and user statistics graph, web links. This version also features new translations in 8 languages.

A changelog can be found on the KDE Apps page. Downloads (several Linux distros, NetBSD, FreeBSD) here, screenshots here.

Twinkle v0.6 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.6 of Twinkle, a Qt-based VoIP app using the SIP protocol, has been released. This version adds custom ring tones, a system of scripts to handle incoming calls, and a substantial number of bug-fixes and feature improvements. Downloads here, screenshots here. Requires Qt 3.3, with other requirements shown on the home page.