August 2006

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Gambas: new development version released

From KDE Apps:

A new development version of Gambas, the Visual Basic-like IDE for KDE (although it can produce applications for other toolkits), has been released. Version 1.9.41 has updated GTK+ and SDL components, the online help using a web browser, and experimental support for component developing in the IDE. Full changelog here; the IDE, interpreter, the Qt, GTK, database and SDL modules and the examples have seen changes. Screenshots here, downloads (source only) here. Stable version is 1.0.17, from same download location.

Dolphin File Manager v0.6.2 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.6.2 of the Dolphin File Manager, the KDE file manager with a navigation bar and an undo/redo function, has been released. This version adds support for KDE session management, improved error messages, initial user documentation, and various other improvements and bug fixes (see changelog at KDE Apps). Screenshots here, downloads (source only at present) here. Requires KDE 3.5.

Qt Jambi: second preview released

Trolltech has announced that it has released a second preview of Qt Jambi, its Java bindings for Qt. The three main features Trolltech lists are Web Start support, better Eclipse integration and single JAR file deployment for Jambi apps. It also incorporates much feedback from those who tested it and contains many bug fixes. It can be downloaded here; it is released under a special preview licence.

KTorrent v2.0.2 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 2.0.2 of KTorrent, the KDE BitTorrent client, has been released. I cannot find any changelog but they assure us that it "fixes some serious issues" and an upgrade is recommended. Screenshots here, downloads (source, SUSE, Ubuntu and Arch Linux binaries) here. Requires KDE 3.4 and the GNU MP (libgmp) library.

neurALC v1.0.0 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.0.0 of neurALC, an application for analysing multi-electrode recordings as used in medical settings, has been released. Screenshots at KDE Apps; downloads (source, per-architecture Mac binaries, Windows installer, Linux TGZ binary) at Sourceforge here. Requires Qt 3.3.

Kbib v0.5.2.1 released

From KDE Apps:

Version of KBib, "a BibTex management program for KDE" (BibTex being a tool for formatting bibliographic references in LaTeX), has been released. This fixes a bug introduced in version 0.5.2, whereby reference types were lost after modifying reference type definitions. Screenshots here, downloads (source, FC5 RPM) here. Requires KDE v3.

Okular snapshot released

A snapshot of Okular, the KDE4 multi-format document viewer based on KPDF, has been released. It can be downloaded here and works with the KDE4 snapshot, "Krash", released a couple of weeks ago. There are some screenshots of Okular in action here.

New CMake IRC channel

New: CMake IRC channel

A new IRC channel has been set up to discuss CMake, the cross-platform make tool being used for KDE 4 as a replacement for the GNU Autotools. It is to be found on the Freenode IRC network.

KDE4 Mac packages released

Tales of the Racoon Fink: KDE4/Mac Binaries

Benjamin Reed has produced binaries of the recently-released snapshots of KDE4 (codenamed Krash) which run on the Aqua version of Qt for the Mac. The five Universal Binaries (kdepimlibs, kdebase, kdelibs, kdesupport and Qt) can be found here along with installation instructions. They work with Tiger only at present (though Panther packages are in preparation). Note: the Qt binary is the 4.2 snapshot, not the current 4.1.4.

KNemo v0.4.5 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.4.5 of KNemo (KDE Network Monitor), an app which displays an icon in the systray for every network interface it monitors, has been released. This version must be started using its Control Centre module, rather than the Service Manager as before; it also fixes the calculation of transfer speeds and "counting of transmitted data for sys backend"; the status dialog has also been redesigned. Source download and three screenshots at KDE Apps. Requires KDE 3.5.

kdesvn v0.9.2 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.9.2 of kdesvn, the KDE Subversion client, has been released. This version fixes a UTF-8 encoding issue and a problem with case-sensitivity in certain locales, updates five of the translations and answers a feature request I can't quite decipher (see changelog on KDE Apps for full details). Screenshots here, downloads (source and FC5 RPM and SRPM) here. Requires KDE 3.4; the binaries require 3.5, the standard on FC5.

Kile v1.9.2 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.9.2 of Kile, "a user friendly TeX/LaTeX editor for the KDE desktop environment", has been released. The changelog for this stable version lists fourteen bug fixes (see KDE Apps). Screenshots here, downloads (source only at present, though binaries may appear in the near future) here. (Cannot find what version of KDE it requires.)

cb2Bib v0.6.90 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.6.90 of cb2Bib, an application for extracting bibliographic references from email alerts, webpages and PDFs, has been released. This version involves a port to Qt 4 from Qt 3 and no major new functionality. Screenshots here, downloads (source, Windows installer, SUSE 10.1/64 RPM, SRPM) here (with Qt 3 version 0.6.1 in source, Windows installer, FC5 RPM and SRPM).

QTM v0.3.9 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.3.9 of QTM, the blog management application developed by the author of this blog using Qt 4.1, has been released. This version uses DOM to build submissions to the web service, rather than generating XML in plain text as in previous versions, thus reducing rejections on grounds of XML invalidity, and fixes a number of crash bugs emanating from accessing web services without the proper details (username, password and location). Screenshots here, downloads (source, SUSE 10.1 RPM and Mac OS X universal binary) here. Note that this application is presently only suitable for blogs which support the MetaWeblog and Movable Type APIs; it does not presently support Blogger.

Gwenview: new development version 1.3.93

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.3.93 of Gwenview, the image viewer and browser for KDE, has been released. This version now uses the same delete dialog as Amarok and Juk and fixes several bugs, including one affecting the generation of thumbnail images. Screenshots here, downloads (source only for development version) here. Requires KDE 3.4. (Stable version is 1.3.1, same download location with Mandrake and Slackware binaries; requires KDE 3.2.)

KScope v1.4.1 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.4.1 of KScope, a C source browsing application (front end to CScope), has been released. This version fixes several bugs (including crashes and memory leaks) and features faster result list filtering, keyboard shortcuts for the first entries in the Window menu, and shows assembly labels in the tag list. Screenshots here, downloads (source only) here. Requires KDE 3.3.

Beesoft Commander v2.27 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 2.27 of Beesoft Commander, the twin-panel file manager and FTP client, has been released. This version adds a Czech translation and fixes a bug involving button behaviour in FTP. Screenshots on home page, downloads (source, TGZ binaries, links to distro binaries) here. Requires Qt 3.

K3b v0.12.17 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.12.17 of K3b, the KDE CD and DVD burning application, has been released. This version includes more compilation fixes for FreeBSD, fixes symlink handling on data projects (bug introduced in 0.12.16) and has various other bug fixes and minor improvements (see changelog at KDE Apps). Screenshots here, source downloads here. Requires KDE 3.2. A K3b 1.0 preview was released earlier this month; see home page.

Amarok v1.4.2 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.4.2 of Amarok, the KDE music player and archiver, has been released. New features (not necessarily since the last RC/beta) include DAAP support, enabling connection to the iTunes and Firefly services, dynamic collections, enabling the use of removable media to hold part of the collection, improved crossfading on xine-engine, MTP media device support, support for LibVisual v0.4 and for extended streaming, and a number of bugfixes including some facilitated by Klocwork. Screenshots here, downloads (currently source only; links to binaries for most distributions will appear here when they appear) here. Requires KDE 3.3.

KDE gets new server "Immanuel"

From KDE Dot News:

The KDE project has been donated a new dual 3Ghz Xeon Poweredge server by Dell, with disks paid for by community donations, which is to be hosted at the Leibnitz Computing Centre. The server, is now the KDE FTP master site and work has begun on porting the KDE bug tracking system to the new server. Full details at KDN above.