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January 2007

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FOSDEM: call for KDE contributors

From KDE Dot News:

The KDE project are to have a room at the upcoming FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting, ULB campus Solbosh, Brussels, 24-5 Feb 2007) and are looking for KDE contributors to give talks about the projects they are working on. They are also looking for people to man their (always busy) stall. Sign up at the KDE-FOSDEM wiki page. X.Org are also to have a significant presence at the event this year.

prokyon3 v0.9.6 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.9.6 of prokyon3, a music file manager and categoriser (using MySQL) which can play the files through XMMS or other back-ends, has been released. Changes include new CIFS support, support for relative paths in playlists and more translations. Screenshots on the home page, downloads (source, Windows installer) here. Requires Qt 3; see home page for other requirements.

QSA to be discontinued; 4.3 to feature new QtScript

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QDevBlog: Say hello to QtScript!

Kent Hansen on the new scripting facility which is to be included in the forthcoming minor release of Qt (version 4.3): QtScript, an ECMAScript-compatible scripting language which can be embedded in Qt applications. The new scripting facility "bears no relation to QSA", the existing Qt Script for Applications, which is being discontinued; it is claimed to offer better performance than QSA by "a couple of orders of magnitude". QtScript has now been integrated into the daily snapshots (available here); the final release is a few months away.

Qt Centre launch programming contest

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Qt Centre, the Qt forum and Wiki, has announced a programming contest to mark its first anniversary. Details of the competition, including the guidelines for how to produce a winning entry, are on the main competition page; categories are custom widget, developer tool, helper library, mobile application and desktop application. The software must be written using Qt 4 and the closing date is 31st May this year. Prizes include two Trolltech Greenphones (top prize), a MacBook, a 30Gb iPod, a Sony portable PlayStation, and books on Qt. Sponsors include Qt development companies BasysKom, Froglogic, ICS, KDAB (Matthias Kalle Dalheimer's company) and Trolltech itself.

Dolphin File Manager v0.8.1 released

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From KDE Apps:

Version 0.8.1 of Dolphin, a file manager for KDE with a navigation bar and various other features not present in Konqueror, has been released. New features include:

  • Split view divides window in two equal sections
  • Documentation shows how to make Dolphin the default file manager
  • Updated Estonian translation

Screenshots here, full changelog and downloads (source, links to third-party binaries for SUSE, Ubuntu and Mandriva) here. Requires KDE 3.5.5.

QSA v1.1.5 and 1.2.2 released

Trolltech has announced the release of Qt Script for Applications (QSA) versions 1.1.5 and 1.2.2 for Qt 3 and 4 respectively. "Both versions incorporate bug fixes and optimizations over previously released versions" according to the announcement; details are in the changelogs in the source tarballs. QSA is under the same dual-licensing scheme as Qt; open-source downloads here.

KTorrent v2.1 RC released

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From KDE Apps:

A first release candidate of version 2.1 of KTorrent, a BitTorrent client for KDE, has been released. New features include:

  • Switched to IDEAl-type user interface style (similar to KDevelop)
  • WebGUI plugin
  • RSS plugin
  • Improvements in down and upload performance
  • Grouping feature to put torrents into groups
  • Improved search plugin, which now allows multiple searches
  • Peer Exchange (µTorrent compatible)
  • Zeroconf plugin
  • Many bug fixes

Screenshots here, downloads (source only) here.

Texmaker v1.5 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.5 of Texmaker, a Qt 4-based LaTeX editor (not to be confused with TextMaker, a commercial word processor), has been released. Changes include:

  • Summary of LaTeX errors displayed before the full log file
  • New "most used symbols" panel
  • Math mode "$$...$$" replaced by "[ [\"
  • Syntax highlighting colours can be modified
  • Current line number can be added to the LaTeX-related commands
  • Bugs fixed, including with French translation and dialog layout.

Screenshots here, downloads (source, static Windows, Linux and Mac OS X binaries) here. Requires Qt 4.2.2.

Varicad 2005 v 1.05 released

From KDE Apps:

A new version of VariCAD, a commercial cross-platform CAD application, has been released. New features in version 1.05 includes:

  • Tools for assembly support
  • Identical copies (allowing making the same changes to more than one solid at a time)
  • Support for 2D drawing updates after changes in 3D

Screenshots here, downloads from here (Windows installer, Debian and RPM packages). A VariCAD licence costs $499 for either Windows or Linux.

Misfit Model 3D v1.3.1 released

From KDE Apps:

Development version 1.3.1 of Misfit Model 3D, an OpenGL-based 3D model editor, has been released. Changes:

  • Quake MD3 import/export
  • Boolean operations
  • Direct editing of translation and rotation keyframes
  • Tinting selected faces
  • Bug fixes

Screenshots here, downloads (source, Windows installer) here. Requires Qt 3. Stable version is 1.2.1 (same download location).