September 2007

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Recoll v1.9.0 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 1.9.0 of Recoll, a KDE front end for the Xapian multi-protocol search engine, has been released. Changes:

  • New filters: Wordperfect, Abiword, Kword, jpeg, flac, ogg; better control of disk and memory usage during indexing
  • Improved abstract generation
  • Arbitrary field support
  • Improved qt4 support
  • Miscellaneous user interface improvements and bug fixes, described in more detail in the Changes file.

Screenshots here, downloads (source, several Linux distro binaries) here. Requires Qt 3.3 and 4 and the xapian-core library.

KAlarm: version 1.4.16a and new beta released

From KDE Apps:

Versions 1.4.16a and 1.9.8beta2 of KAlarm, an event scheduler for KDE, has been released. Changes:

1.4.16a: Fixed loss of font & colour settings for display alarms.
1.9.8beta2: Fixed loss of font & colour settings for display alarms, fixed crash on exit.

Screenshots here, downloads (source, Debian testing binary) here. The stable version requires KDE 3, the beta KDE 3.2.

iTest v1.2.0 released

From Qt Apps:

Version 1.2.0 of iTest, a computerised examination system with a client-server model, has been released.

Changes in iTestServer (formerly Database Editor) include:

  • renamed to iTestServer
  • added Portuguese translation
  • added the ability to set a pass mark for each flag separately
  • this required some changes in the saved sessions view and in printing
  • added the ability to group similar questions in order to be able to tell the client to choose one question of the group at most (useful when knowing the answer for one question would suffice to guess the answers for other questions)
  • server setup (advanced): double clicking adds/removes items
  • improved the "overall statistics" dialogue; question names now coloured according to their flag
  • improved the "change language" dialogue
  • improved the comments editor (undo/redo)
  • changed flag 1 colour to light green
  • row height now calculated correctly in the "overall statistics" dialogue
  • fixed the "adjust difficulty" button - now the icon in the list of questions changes when difficulty changed
  • cleaned up the menus, improved their behaviour
  • code clean-up
  • new database format - older versions of iTest cannot open the new itdb 1.2 files, iTest 1.2 can still open older databases
  • upgraded from Qt 4.3.0 to Qt 4.3.1

Changes to iTestClient (formerly Test Writer):

  • renamed to iTestClient
  • added Portuguese translation
  • added the ability to start a new test
  • more advanced test generation, support for groups added
  • upgraded from Qt 4.3.0 to Qt 4.3.1

Screenshots here, downloads (source, Windows and Mac binaries) here. Requires Qt 4.3.

KAlarm v1.4.15 and new beta released

From KDE Apps:

Versions 1.4.15 and 1.9.7 (beta) of KAlarm, an event scheduler for KDE, has been released. In v1.4.15, the changelog reads "Fixed triggering of deferred recurring alarms". Changes in v1.9.7:

  • New working hours only option
  • Simple repetitions replaced by recurrence sub-repetitions
  • New option to select a colour to highlight a resource's alarms
  • Fixed handling of exception dates in recurrences
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

Screenshots here, downloads (source, Debian testing binaries) here. Version 1.4 requires KDE 3; the beta requires KDE 3.2.

Second RC of Eclipse integration out


Trolltech has issued a second release candidate of its Qt/Eclipse integration package, which adds Qt project creation and management to the CDT's C++ development plugin. The announcement reads: "since the first Release Candidate, work has gone into streamlining functionality and stability of the Eclipse Integration," says the announcement. The final release of the Eclipse Integration is to be expected before Q4 2007." Downloads are available here.

KDE release schedule revised again

From KDE Dot News:

The release schedule for KDE 4 has been revised again, with a final release date now set for 11th December 2007 and no fourth beta. Earlier milestones include 2nd Oct (Beta 3), 19th Oct (total freeze except for critical bug fixes), 30th Oct (RC1 and Development Platform) and 14th November (RC2). All the release dates are Tuesdays, and tagging for each will take place on the preceding Wednesday, so developers should have their code in by the Wednesday.

KDE 4 beta 2 released

The KDE project have issued a second beta of KDE 4 (announcement here). The announcement contains a long discussion of the changes since the last beta; there has also been a third alpha release of KOffice v2.0. Download locations, with links to instructions, can be found on the Info page. Binaries have been released for Ubuntu, Mandriva 2007 and OpenSUSE.

cb2Bib v0.8.4 released

From KDE Apps:

Version 0.8.4 of cb2Bib, a tool for rapidly extracting unformatted biblographic references from email alerts, journal Web pages, and PDF files, has been released. Changes:

  • PubMed/Medline parser and netqinf.txt updated to adapt to recent changes in the PubMed service.
  • Relative file paths are now used within the command line 'cb2bib --conf'. This solves possible issues when the program is launched from USB devices.

Screenshots here, downloads (source, Windows installer, links to various binaries at OpenSUSE) here. Requires Qt 4.2.

Review of KDE 4 beta 2

From KDE Dot News:

Troy Unrau has written, for Ars Technica, a review of the new beta of KDE 4, which was tagged last week and is due for release shortly. He says the new beta has "made significant progress" since the first. Stability is improved, although he reports a recurring crash when exiting programs; however, the Plasma desktop lags behind the rest of the system. (He has also put out a blog entry on the subject.)

QGRUBEditor v2.1.0 released

From Qt Apps:

Version 2.1.0 of QGRUBEditor, a bootloader editor for Linux which uses Qt 4, has been released. Changes:

  • ADDED: Created a library (which however doesn't use pure C++ but relies on Qt4) from the old source code
  • ADDED: The first time the application runs it prompts the user about the built-in auto backup feature.
  • ADDED: Default Entry is now highlighted and explicitly declared as Default
  • ADDED: New setting: the user may select the highlight color
  • FIXED: Utilised the at(x) function instead of the [] operator in the vectors to slightly improve speed (only where applicable)
  • FIXED: Set icon size spinboxes' maximum and default to 32
  • FIXED: In order to erase the contents of strings, = QString() is utilised instead of = ""
  • FIXED: Global Context Menu was reimplemented in a different manner
  • FIXED: Updated the "No Root Permissions" warning message, because QGRUBEditor may not load if you delete one of the 3 files it mentions.
  • FIXED: Improved the desktop files
  • FIXED: Updated About box's description
  • FIXED: Did some minor corrections
  • I18N: Updated the Greek, French, German, Russian and Ukrainian translations

Screenshots and downloads (source with old RPM, Ubuntu and Arch Linux binaries) at the Qt Apps page above.

Trolltech issues security patch for Qt 3 and 4

Trolltech today announced the release of a security patch for both versions 3 and 4 of Qt, its cross-platform C++ development toolkit. The vulnerability (number CVE-2007-4137, reported by Dirk Mueller) affects the class QUtf8Decoder, and might cause a one-byte buffer overflow (although it is said not to be exploitable in Qt 4). The patches are available here for Qt 3 and here for Qt 4. The next maintenance release of Qt 4 will have the patch included.

KDE delays 4.0 release for 2 months

KDE 4.0 Release Delayed for Two Months (at

The KDE project has delayed the release of version 4.0 of the desktop, by inserting an extra two beta releases, due for release on Sept 24 and Oct 22. Following that: Nov 19: Total Release Freeze; Nov 21: RC1; December 5: RC2; December 20: 4.0.0 tagged. They have done this because they "feel that there are crucial elements of the release that need more development time". The new roadmap is available here.