Spencer applauds Ontario arbitration axe

Latest in Spencer’s “Canadian Shari’ah Watch” (and here’s a local Muslimah’s opinion):

A hard-won victory for human rights. It is only unfortunate that the other religious arbitration arrangements have to be sacrificed, which feeds the assumption that they are all morally equivalent. If Western authorities could dare to speak honestly about the distinctive characteristics of Islamic law, this would not be necessary.

Morally equivalent? By all means say you don’t like religious arbitration if that’s your position, but to compare Shari’ah family law unfavourably with a system which allows a woman to be “chained” for 16 years by her “husband” who is no longer willing to live with her, as reported in the current London Jewish Chronicle? Islamic family law does allow for judicial separation in certain circumstances, as well as for a woman to specify a right to unilateral separation, either in certain circumstances or in any. Does Jewish law allow the same thing? And hey, what about Catholic divorce law, Spencer?

Get real. And get honest.

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