No apology from the Express

Last week I posted about the Daily Express’s slander on our community (also see here and here) and, in particular, on the Muslim Council and Muslim Association. The leader, in particular, accused the community of protesting against insults to our religion while remaining silent “in the face of atrocities carried out in the name of Islam” such as the murder of Ken Bigley.

The Press Complaints Commission’s method of complaining about reports in the press which breach their code of practice is first to complain to the editor, and then to complain to them if they do not reply. The Express has not responded to the complaint I emailed them last week. It has printed no letters in response to their article or their leader. (It has, incidentally, printed a letter about the plight of some thousands of Christians being persecuted in Eritrea by someone who apparently thought Eritrea is under Muslim control, which it is not - something which could have been found out very easily before printing that letter. The victims are likely to be Evangelicals or Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the dominant Christian denomination is the local Orthodox Church.)

I therefore intend to complain to the PCC about these defamatory articles. I suggest other readers do the same. By the way, you will need to get hold of the offending edition (you may find copies in public libraries) and send the complaint by post. (Instructions for complaining are here on the PCC’s website.)

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