Yvonne Ridley on Sami Yusuf

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Yvonne Ridley has a go at Sami Yusuf and his over-enthusiastic female fans who acted like teenage boy-band fans even though some of them were mature women. She was also not impressed with his exhortation to his British fans to wave Union Jacks and proclaim that they were proud to be British and encourage them to join the police force.

Hat tip to Danya who says Sami isn’t responsible for the antics of the “squeeling females”. I’d beg to differ, given that the same behaviour is likely to have been in evidence at more than one of his gigs in the past. Scholars do not generally object to men (or women, if there are no men around) singing, but I’ve read that some scholars considered men who gathered others around them to perform to them as corrupt (perhaps someone could fill me in on this). (More: Saracen.)

By the way, I’ve updated the jeans post.

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