“Sufi Muslim Council” exposed

Sufi Muslim Council Exposed: The ‘Neoconservative’ Sufi Muslim Council

An anonymously written, but lengthy and detailed, article showing the links the so-called Sufi Muslim Council, a body which has been promoted in recent weeks by the likes of Martin Bright as a better representative body for Muslims than the MCB, without that groups Muslim Brotherhood / Jama’at links. Well, guess what … it seems the SMC prefer the company of neo-cons and apologists for the Uzbek government. It appears to be another attempt to use “Sufism” as a vehicle for cosying up to powerful people.

Also, here’s another blog which has a number of uncomfortable facts about the SMC’s friends and leaders, like Azhar Ali who was implicated in one of the postal vote scandals last year.

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  • assalaamu alaikum

    Yusuf (or anyone else who reads this) do you know how to get in touch with the author(s) of the smcexposed blog?

  • anonymous

    SMC actually means Sun Solaris Management Center. Ask anybody they would tell you.

    So, how does Sufism come into all of this? I think you guys are getting carried away.

    Just blot it from your mind, it has nothing to do with Sufism.

  • Wouldn’t Sun Solaris Management Centre be SSMC? :)

  • *sigh*

  • anonymous


    You are right, it should be SSMC, but for some reason most people just shorten it to SMC, i.e Sun Management Center (SMC).

    There are actually two types - sorry it’s my mistake. There is actually Sun Management Center which is used to monitor and manage Sun Hardware, and there is Solaris Management Center which is used to monitor and manage Sun Operating System. Both of them are referred to as SMC.

    As you can see there is no sufism inside. I hope this clears the issue.