Not offended by Apple Store

Muslim Website Says Muslims Aren’t Offended By Apple Store -

It seems people are trying to manufacture a “Muslim outrage” over the new Apple Store building in New York, which is of a cube shape and was covered in black plywood during its construction. The claim comes via MEMRI, which sourced its claim from “an Islamic website” which it did not name.

Having been a Muslim with an internet connection for a number of years, I’ve been on the receiving end of a number of forwarded emails encouraging me to complain about one thing or another, and even “Islamic” variants on the “forward this to ten people or else” type chain letter. So, it’s possible that someone did try to set such a campaign off, but the websites which have brought the issue up have not seen any Muslims post to say that they are offended.

So, anyone who knows the facts about the New York Apple store is not outraged by it; the problem is that chain letters have a habit of remaining in circulation for years after the claims in them have been debunked. For anyone who gets this one: the cube is not black, but is made of glass.

I have a Mac, and will probably buy another.

(Hat tip: Muslim Apple. More: Tariq Nelson, Apple Gazette, Islamicate.)

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