Nazir-Ali jumps in on veil

Sunday Telegraph: Ban veils in public, says Asian bishop

The Anglican Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali (son of a convert to Catholicism from Islam) jumps in on the latest bogus veil controversy by calling on the Government “to introduce legislation that would force Muslims to remove the veil when they are at work or travelling”:

Bishop Nazir-Ali, whose father converted from Islam to Catholicism, said that the legislation should not just cover airports, but should extend to all areas of travel where an identity needs to be established, such as tube and train stations and ports. He said that the possible failure of airline staff to challenge Jama was symptomatic of people being “too worried about offending Muslims”.

The only problem is that it has not been proven that Jama did indeed escape this way. It is only a possibility, but it does not deter this vile man from claiming that it’s a security risk. The likely reason even if it is true is that passport checks are no longer done routinely on exit, having been abandoned several years ago on cost grounds. Clearly this man is the first port of call for the tabloids when they want an opinion hostile to Muslims, however ill-informed.

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