Ayaan’s all over the place

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Ayaan Hirsi Magan’s been all over the media like a rash this past week, with a series of adulatory articles and soft interviews. Nobody seems to be willing to take her up on her ludicrous claims that, for example, “the 74 per cent of Muslims under 24 who said in a survey that women should wear the veil and want Sharia law to be introduced have gone for the consistency that Bin Laden offers”, which appears in this Metro interview today. Another example is in yesterday’s Observer, with an accompanying piece here at Comment Is Free, and this inteview on the Radio 4 Woman’s Hour (MP3 - may not be available after this week).

Quite apart from the ludicrous claim I quote above, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is far from the only woman in the world to have experienced FGM and witnessed or experienced domestic violence; not all of them, by any means, have renounced Islam and then used these experiences as ammunition. Why has nobody put this to her? The verses she claims Osama bin Laden uses to justify his terrorist campaign do not, in the mainstream Islamic understanding, justify such behaviour at all. Why has nobody put this to her? No doubt she would not agree to be interviewed by a Muslim lest he or she produce a weapon of some sort (as if we all carry weapons when most of us live in countries where it is illegal to do so), but surely someone could take this woman up on her plainly ludicrous, specious claims about Islam and her fatuous comparisons?

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