Indigo Jo on the radio

I got through to speak to Anne Diamond (sitting in for Vanessa Feltz who’s off having her gall bladder removed) today! The issue was a story picked out of the Daily Express (or Daily Spew as it’s known in these parts) about Tower Hamlets council (Tower Hamlets is an area of east London with a heavy Muslim population) asking its councillors not to eat publically from next week onwards because a lot of their colleagues will be fasting (more at Islamophobia Watch). I think that this, in principle, is no big deal and quite a reasonable request, but obviously the Daily Spew thinks otherwise (how would they sell papers otherwise?). I said pretty much what I’ve said here, that the Spew has a history of stirring up hostility against Muslims with headlines like this one, and that as a driver I could not eat and drink while on the road or I could be fined for not driving with due care and attention. You can hear it here (about an hour and five minutes in; you need Real Player) until next Thursday; I intend to post a transcript of the conversation over the weekend insha Allah.

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