Indigo Jo on the radio

I got through to speak to Anne Diamond (sitting in for Vanessa Feltz who’s off having her gall bladder removed) today! The issue was a story picked out of the Daily Express (or Daily Spew as it’s known in these parts) about Tower Hamlets council (Tower Hamlets is an area of east London with a heavy Muslim population) asking its councillors not to eat publically from next week onwards because a lot of their colleagues will be fasting (more at Islamophobia Watch). I think that this, in principle, is no big deal and quite a reasonable request, but obviously the Daily Spew thinks otherwise (how would they sell papers otherwise?). I said pretty much what I’ve said here, that the Spew has a history of stirring up hostility against Muslims with headlines like this one, and that as a driver I could not eat and drink while on the road or I could be fined for not driving with due care and attention. You can hear it here (about an hour and five minutes in; you need Real Player) until next Thursday; I intend to post a transcript of the conversation over the weekend insha Allah.

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  • Thersites

    What do they mean by “not eat publically”? Do councillors usually eat in council meetings? That’d be bad manners anyway.

    A much more likely problem, I’d have thought. would be drinking. One muslim colleague used to take her annual leave in Ramadan rather than look at everyone else drinking tea or coffee without restraint.

  • anon

    Bro. Yusuf , how can I contact you?

  • By leaving a message with an email address I can actually reply to (MT won’t publish your email addy, and if you make it clear not to publish, I won’t).