Boo hoo! Anti-Muslim social engineering rules hit white couple

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Enforced marriage law forces couple apart

This is the story of a couple consisting of a British man and his Canadian bride, who married quite legally in the UK last year, and their marriage was delayed because of paperwork getting lost. Four days after their marriage, new rules were brought in which meant that foreign spouses under the age of 21 were no longer going to get spousal visas. This was supposedly to prevent forced marriages.

This all sounds like nonsense. The laws were aimed at Muslims, but not to stop forced marriage. They are a social engineering measure, intended to bring the age of marriage among Muslims more into line with the rest of society (of course, women usually marrying in their late 20s or 30s is a quite recent phenomenon; my parents got married in 1972 when my Dad was 21 and my Mum 19), to lower the birth rates (a woman could have two in those three years) and to make sure that more of the spouses have degrees. A similar measure was introduced in Denmark, with the age set to 24, and Migration Watch has campaigned for the same law to be introduced here. If the government had wanted to deal with the forced marriages, they could have provided means for such spouses to escape, but immigration rules such as “no recourse” often prevent foreign spouses (usually wives) who are trapped in abusive marriages from escaping.

As ever, the media makes a huge fuss when a white person gets treatment usually reserved for wogs. I think this woman should be allowed to remain in this country, but I also think that any foreign spouse of a British citizen should be allowed to stay in the UK if the marriage is legal in the UK and not obviously fake. And this goes for white and black, whatever their religion.

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