Hypocrisy of praising Nidal Hasan

Muhajideen Ryder on the hypocrisy of the people who praise Nidal Hasan now when they would, before his massacre, have called him an infidel:

It is shocking to see Muslims praising and calling Nidal Hasan a hero. According to to their own leaders and teachers, Nidal Hasan is a kafir. Anyone who joins the US military is no longer a Muslim. In fact Nidal Hasan is a murtad. Now all of a sudden he is a mujahid in prison. He is a hero. He is worthy of being praised.

Apparently, to these Muslims, you do not recite the shahada to be a Muslim. Apparently, to become a Muslim is to do something which they approve of. Now common sense tells me this just doesn’t make sense, but seriously, can anyone tell me how do Muslims think like this?

I’ve always wondered what this guy was doing in the Army myself; I woudn’t advise any Muslim in his right mind to join the armed forces in any western country. Since the outbreak of the Bush Wars, I have even turned down jobs which have involved dealing with the military. How anyone can stomach living on base with people hostile to their religion and even race is beyond me.

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