Android upgrade drama at Vodafone and T-Mobile

BBC News - Vodafone backs down in Android row

Vodafone (a major UK mobile phone network) have backed down after pushing what looked like an Android operating system upgrade for the HTC Desire phone, but was in fact a set of branded applications and bookmarks (including one for a dating site) which couldn’t be removed from the phone. Users were expecting an upgrade to version 2.2 of the system itself; Vodafone will now deliver a barely changed version of that in a couple of weeks.

I’ve been waiting for an upgrade to my HTC Hero (T-Mobile G2 Touch) for months now — T-Mobile have been saying that an upgrade to Android v2.1 (not even v2.2) would be coming real soon now since about February I think. Then they said that it’s being pushed out “over the air”, but the stock version of Android that came with the phone has had the function to check for system updates removed. I’ve been told (by third parties on the T-Mobile forum, not even by an official announcement from the company) that I’d have to install a more recent release of the old version of Android, then it would let me upgrade to version 2.1 automatically. That’s pretty pathetic.

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