Anti-Muslim bigot goes into the oil biz

The BBC reports that an outfit calling itself the “Terror Free Oil Initiative” has set up a filling station in Omaha, Nebraska, touting oil not imported from countries which “support terror” - meaning just about any Muslim country, in the Middle East or anywhere else. At the moment, they only use American and Canadian oil. (Clearly, they’re only talking about one sort of terror.)

A few paragraphs into the report and we find out who their spokesman is: Joe Kaufman, the bigot behind “Americans Against Hate”, a group which dedicates itself to smearing Muslims and Muslim organisations. In this article on Front Page Magazine, he insinuates that Congressman Keith Ellison might be swearing to protect “his friends, our enemies” rather than the American public; you might like to see this piece from last April in which he smeared a whole lot of Muslim bloggers (not including me, but including a lot of those I’m fond of).

Happily, one of TFO’s nearby rivals has cut their rates, which according to the BBC has led to a “quiet start” for the station.

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