Not exactly medical journalism

Earlier this week the Panorama documentary featuring Kay Gilderdale, titled “I Helped My Daughter Die”, won the Medical Journalists’ Association’s “best broadcast TV” award at their Winter Awards 2011 (the MJA don’t actually announce the winners of their own awards, … Continue reading

Odone report on assisted suicide

New Report: Assisted Suicide - how the chattering classes have got it wrong The Centre for Policy Studies (which is, as I understand it, a traditionally Tory-aligned think tank) has published a report by Cristina Odone putting the case against … Continue reading

Panorama and other media coverage of the Gilderdale affair

I’ve been following the media coverage of the Lynn Gilderdale attempted murder trial with some interest as I found it quite emotionally affecting, and have found most of the coverage to be sympathetic to Lynn’s mother, Kay Gilderdale, who was … Continue reading